The Compensation of Non-contractual Damages Caused by Administrative Bodies in Albania

AuthorRezarta Mataj
PositionPhD Candidate, Faculty of Law, University of Tirana, Albania
The Compensation of Non-contractual
Damages Caused by Administrative Bodies
in Albania
Rezarta MATAJ
Abstract: The responsibility of extra organs in the public administration (which includes state
administration and public entities) regulates the area where the damage, resulting not for an existing
contract between Albanian citizens or foreign legal person domestically or internationally but due to
the lack of a relationship earlier. If a decision or action or inaction o f state/public either faulty or not,
his own or its employee material entails a non-pecuniary damage to people, the state is responsible
and fully rewards the damage. C ompensation and understanding of these lawsuits regulated by Law
no. 8510/1999 "On liability of organs of state administration." The article 1 of this law provides that:
"The state administration bodies are responsible fo r property and damage, caused to natural or legal
people, private, domestic or foreign. Extra-responsibility of state administrative bodies governed by
the provisions of this law and the Civil Code of the Republic of Albania.” In this paper will be
analyzed the criteria of responsibility provided by the upper law but also specific criteria determined
in the Civil Code for tort liability under Article 608 to 652. This research aims to help citizens of the
types that require damages and rewards extent expected by the public administration.
Keywords: state liability; public administrative bodies; remedies; judgments
1 Introduction
In the Republic of Albania in the early existence of the state in 1912, the state
administration has taken responsibility for the damage caused to citizens. More
than civil liability, the state is trying to punish or prosecute against its employee for
damages caused by the fault of the third. While, genuine legal regulation of this
institution encountered in Albania after the change from the communist regime
after 1991 in pluralist.
PhD Candidate, Faculty of Law, University of Tirana, Albania, Address: Rektorati, Sheshi Nënë
Tereza”, Kutia Postare No. 183, Albania, Corresponding author:
AUDJ, vol. 12, no. 1/2016, pp. 106-

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