New Technological Trend in Educational Management

AuthorFlorin Postolache, Mihaela Postolache, Alin Constantin Filip, Alina Beatrice Raileanu
New Technolo
Postolache Florin
, Postola
Danubius University of Gala
Danubius University of Galati
4 Danubius University,
The authors aim to hig
of both sides (professors and stud
technology (ITC) in the educati
University from Galati adopted
incorporate the Student Informa
and administrative management.
made a survey organized by MI
Sakai, o f the professors and stu
platform Danubius Online. At th
177 students. The participants
information technology in th e
Danubius Online portal. After th
2010 and taking into accou
proceed to the stage production
increased the number of course
generalize at all the university c
introduced more extensive indi
highlight the reactions of both s
platform, through a survey that to
technological change manageme
2010 we foun d both strengths an
participant universities within th
the learning platform developed
believe that this paper brings a n
Keywords: e-
learning platform i
Performance and Risks in the
ological Trend i
n Educational Managem
olache Mihaela
, Filip Alin Constantin
, Raileanu A
Department of Economics,
iversity of Galati,
lati, Department of Economics,
ty, Department of Economics,
highlight, after using the LMS based Sakai from implementatio
students) over the use of the implementation of information an
ation process. In the
academic year 2007 –
2008, the leader
d the strategic decision to develop an integrated information
mation System (UMS), an e
learning platform, management
nt. In the months April
May 2010, at Danubiu s University f
MISI 2010, at which 28 universities atten ded from around th
students reg
arding the use in their activity of the ITC and i
t the university Danub ius from Galati answered to the survey 2
ts responded to questions about both their views concer
he superior education in general, and at specific question
the experience gained in the pil ot phase, developed in the aca
by the results of the survey, it was decided that starting with 1
tion. To this end, it was install ed the Sakai version 2.7.1
se sites that are op erating on the Da
nubius Online portal, the t
courses, taking into account by the trends of the both sides.
dications of use, both f
or students and for professors.
sides: pro fessors and students, on the implementation of th e
t took place during May
June 2010. This is a clear example
ment wi
thin the university. By participating in the survey or
and weaknesses in the Romanian educational management, b
the survey. Being the only university from Romania
, which
ed in the Sakai project, we can state that the results are unique
a new contri bution to the higher education by highlighting t
m implementation
; survey; platform; technological change;
the European Economy
Alina Beatrice
ation, the perception
and communication
dership of Danubius
on system, which to
nt system, r
y from Galati it was
the world who use
d in general of the
y 24 professors an d
ning the use of the
ons concerning the
cademic year 2009
h 1 October 2010 to
.1 and significantly
e tendency being to
es. There have been
The article aims
the Danubius online
le of response to the
organized by MISI
t, but also of all the
ch has implemented
que, so therefore we
he current level of
; education

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