Strategic Management of Human Resources

AuthorNen Madlena
PositionPhD, Military Technical Academy, Romania
European Integration - Realities and Perspectives 2014
Quality in Education
Strategic Management of Human Resources
Madlena Nen
Abstract: In the context of Romania’s integration into European structures, the modernization process of
educational system constitutes a natural necessity. This scientific approach has proposed a comprehensive
approach of the issue of the Community p rograms efficiency on highly qualified human resources as part of
Romania's accession to the European structures. I want to highlight that, in th e content of this work,
educational system integration into European structures is presented, analyzed and treated as a complex and
long process. Many countries have drawn up action plans for the dissemination of po tential negative effects
of brain drain and the valorization, at internal level, of the international experience of the co-nationals.
Keywords: social policy; labor market; Life Long Learning Programme
1. Social Policy in Romania. Alignment to the Community Standards. An Introduction
Started in 1999 through the National Program for the Accession to the European Union, the process of
Romania’s accession has known a structured approach, once with the opening of the negotiation
chapters (in 2000). Each negotiation chapter is detailed in a Document of position, which includes
issues on which the State in question must act in order to implement the acquis communautaire and to
develop the appropriate institutional framework.
Gained achievements are structured on Document of position fields, as follows:
- labor law;
- equal treatment for men and women - the law of equal opportunities came into force (June,
2002) and have been clarified responsibilities delegated to the following institutions: National
Agency for Employment (NAE), Nationa l House of Pensions and Other Social Insurance
Rights (NHPSIR), Labor Inspection (LI), the National Council of Adults Vocational Training
(CNFPA), National Institute for Scientific Research on Labor and Social Protection and
National Institute of Research and Development on Labor Protection, as it is envisaged setting
up a National Agency for Equal Opportunities between Women and Men;
- health and safety at work - have been reviewed general rules for the protection of labor and
have been transposed the provisions of 20 European directives of safety and health at work, as
well as developing a National Plan for the Improvement of Working Conditions in the Health
1 PhD, Mil itary Technical Academy, Romania, Address: 39-49 G. Coşbuc Blvd., Sector 5, Bucharest, Romania, Tel.: (+40)
21 335 46 60, fax: (+40) 21 335 57 63, Corresponding author:

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