Some aspects of partnership between state, business and education in training of specialists

AuthorKostyantyn Tkachenko
ISSN: 2067 9211 International Relations in the Contemporary World. Geopolitics and Diplomacy
Some Aspects of Partnership between State, Business and Education in
Training of Specialists
Tkachenko Кostyantyn1
Abstract: The aim and the objective of the work is to research the problems of effectiveness of educational
processes through the use of partnerships between state, business and education; the research is based on the
model “TrТple HelТб” by Ickowic and on the situational-production model proposed by the author which
describes the relationship between participants (state, business and education) of the partnership; t he final
conclusions were made on the basis of: the conducted case studies in the partnership field (economic and
socio-economic aspects were considered), the mathematical model of complex systems modeling, the models
of knowledge representation and the questioning of participants of partnerships; the development of system of
specТalТsts’ training for business (by example transport companies) will enable the network structure of
educational, crewing and consulting firms to provide educational services, to ensure availability of training
for the general population; the interaction of the traТnТng’ system and raising the level of managerial staff of
state and non-state structures; the proposed approach to develop a system of training for business enterprises
on the bas is of the partnership between state, business and education is used in the appropriate author's
computer system of support for the adoption of managerial decisions on personnel training for t ransport
Keywords: partnership between state; business and education; training of specialists; situational-production
model of the training system
JEL Classification: E23; І25; І28; L32; L38
The partnership between state, business and education is a system of institutional relations between the
public and private sectors. The effectiveness of using partnerships involves identification of benefits
and minimization of costs for its participants, taking into account risks and responsibilities.
Therefore, there is an urgent problem of determining the priorities of business development and
development of enterprises that provide educational services.
Related Work
The problems of partnership between state, education and business were considered in the works of M.
Blauga, T. Veblen, R. Daniel, G. Ickovic, J. Keynes, G. Mencken, D. North, V. Oyken, M. Porter, L.I.
1 Assistant Lecturer, PhD, Department of Computer Science, Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts, Kiev, Ukraine,
Address: Yevhena Konovaltsia St, 36, Kyiv, Ukraine, 01601, Tel.: +380 44 285 4403, Corresponding author:

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