Highly Skilled Migration. A Romanian Perspective: 2000 - 2009

AuthorMaria-Cristina Dinescu
ighly Skilled Mig
Academy of Economic Studi
Highly s killed migrat
proofs that the qu ality of human
though brain drain phenomenon
insufficient quantitative informa
as to allow a comparative analy
fashionable subject, but a probl
country’s long term developm
international highly skilled migr
source and destination country. W
are the countries with a higher im
highly skilled migrat
1 Introduction
A central role in migration decisio
there is a direct correlation bet
partially because people are mor
market, thereby reducing the cos
these individuals are more nume
with more thorough training. Kn
categories that also show greater
It was relatively obvious during
from hig
hly skilled immigrants.
introduced incentive schemes of
Europeans to the USA and Can
countries to have paid particular a
visa system depending on the deg
developed countries in Euro
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policies. Even though many cou
impact migration has on their
comparative analysis in terms of r
Globalization an
igration. A Romanian Perspective: 20
Maria-Cristina Dinescu
Faculty of International Business and Econom
Romania, cridinescu@yahoo.com
ration is a subject of strong debates in current times, when
an factor is crucial in achieving technical and economic de
non and its impact on the ec
onomic environment are inten
mation regarding highly skilled migration is available at inter
alysis of the real state of facts. Migration in and from Roma
oblem that the nation has to face and that will have a stron
ment. The purpose of this paper is to locate Romania’s
igration, as
well as to understand the structure of migration ha
y. We have thus calculated an attractiveness in dex that helps i
impact on the highly skilled migration flows in
relation with Ro
; brain drain; human capital
ision is the level of education of the individual. Exp
etween the education level and the likelihood o
ore prepared to ident
ify more effectively the alte
osts of migration. It is also generally accepted tha
merous and varied. Economic incentives are also h
Knowledge about language barriers are easier to
er flexibility.
ng the last decades that destination countries regis
ts. Thus, beyond the removal of legislative barrier
of this phenomenon. This led to a steady strea
anada after the Second World War. USA and C
ar attention to immigration policies; they structured
degree of specialization. Awareness of this problem
e to
counter weight the phenomenon, by applyin
ountries have been continuously trying to underst
eir economies and elaborated complex tools of
oncerning lack of quantitative information that allo
of real highly skilled migration flows.
and Cultural Diversity
- 2009
, Bucharest,
en there are evident
develop ment. Even
tensively discussed,
ternational level, so
mania is n
ot only a
trong impact on the
a’s position in the
having Romania as
ps identifying which
h Romania.
xperts have shown that
of migration. This is
lternatives in the labor
that the alternatives for
higher for individuals
to overcome for these
gistered a clear benefit
iers they have actually
ream of highly skilled
anada were the first
ed a well
em has led a number of
ying similar migration
rstand and analyze the
of dealing with this
allows for international

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