Scientific Life

Scientific Life
Internal Scientific Events
• On 7 March 2013, the Institute for Legal Research “Acad. Andrei Rdulescu” of
the Romanian Academy (ICJ), in cooperation with the Association of Constitution Law
(ARCD), organized the national scientific debate on “Revision of the Constitution:
Necessity, Opportunity, Possible Objectives”.
In the opening of the event, hosted by the Romanian Academy Hall, the following
took the floor: Acad. Ionel Haiduc, President of the Romanian Academy, Prof. Didier
Maus, President Emeritus of the International Association of Constitutional Law (on the
subject „Revision of the Constitution in the EU Member States) and Prof. Mircea Duu,
PhD, Director of ICJ (who referred to the introductory issue, namely: Revision of the
Constitution: Traditions, Challenges, Perspectives).
Discussions focused on topics such as: „Necessity and Opportunity to Revise the
Constitution”; „Constitutional Principles”; „Fundamental Rights, Freedoms and Duties”;
„The Parliament (constitution, organization, functioning, competencies)”; „The President
of Romania”; „The Government”; „The Judicial Authority”; „The Constitutional Court”;
„Relationship between Public Authorities”; „The Public Administration”; „Euro-Atlantic
Integration” etc.
With reference to the mentioned topics, the following persons presented
communications: Prof. Genoveva Vrabie, PhD, President of the Romanian Association of
Constitutional Law, Prof. Dan-Claudiu Dnişor, PhD, Rector of the University of
Craiova, Prof. Simina Tnsescu, PhD, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Law, University of
Bucharest, Prof. Sofia Popescu, PhD, Researcher Emeritus of ICJ, Prof. Ioan Alexandru,
PhD, President a.i. of the Union of Jurists of Romania, Prof. Rodica-Narcisa Petrescu,
PhD, „Babeş-Bolyai” University of Cluj-Napoca, Prof. Dana Apostol-Tofan, PhD, Senior
Researcher of ICJ, Prof. Verginia Vedinaş, PhD, University of Bucharest, Prof. Emil
Blan, PhD, Deputy Rector of SNSPA Bucharest, Prof. Ştefan Deaconu, PhD, University
of Bucharest etc.
The following attended as guests: Traian Bsescu, President of Romania, Crin
Antonescu, President of the Senate, the Chairman of the Joint Parliamentary Committee
for drafting the legislative proposal to revise the Constitution of Romania, Valeriu
Zgonea, President of the Chamber of Deputies, judges of the High Court of Cassation and
Justice, representatives of the Legislative Council and the Union of Jurists of Romania,
lawyers, academic staff, researchers, students.
The proposals to revise the Constitution of Romania made on this occasion were
submitted to the Joint Parliamentary Committee.
• The Institute of Legal Research “Acad. Andrei Rdulescu” of the Romanian
Academy organized, on 29 March 2013, the annual session of scientific communications
on “Continuity and Discontinuity in the Romanian Law”.
On this occasion, some current issues of great importance regarding continuity and
discontinuity were discussed, in the spirit of the theory of law constants, given the fact
that, after 1990, the modern structure of the evolution of law in Romania, by adapting the
concepts of law to the new economic-social reality, has involved resuming and turning to
good account the pre-war traditions, rebuilding connections with the Western legal world,
Romania’s Euro-Atlantic accession and integration and assuming the effects of
globalization. The examination of the way in which such phenomena manifest at the level
of principles, legal institutions, concepts and ideas as a whole and of each separate
branch, represented the purpose of this scientific session.
The opening meeting included introductory speeches by: Prof. Mircea Duu, PhD,
Director of ICJ, Prof. Marilena Uliescu, PhD, prof. Sofia Popescu, PhD, Prof. George
Antoniu PhD – honoured researchers of ICJ.
The works of the scientific session were held during three sections, namely, Private
Law, Public Law and Criminal Law.
• On Thursday, 25 April 2013, the Romanian Academy Hall hosted the works of the
anniversary scientific session „Vintil< Dongoroz (1893-1976) – a Leading Figure of the
Romanian Legal Science”. Dedicated to the celebration of 120 years since the birth of the
Criminal law scientist Vintil Dongoroz and organized by ICJ, the event brought together
scientific researchers, academic staff, magistrates, lawyers, students etc. and offered an
opportunity to evoke the personality and value of the work of the great jurist, who was
one of the ICJ founders almost 60 years ago.
In the foreword „Vintil< Dongoroz – a Complex Personality of the Romanian Legal
Life”, Prof. Mircea Duu, PhD, Director of ICJ, presented briefly, but significantly, the
dimensions of the honoured personality of “talented lawyer, university professor by
vocation and scientific researcher by destiny”, as well as the outstanding results obtained
in the development of science and the practice of criminal law and procedural law in
Speeches were also given by: Prof. Rodica Mihaela Stnoiu, PhD, emeritus
researcher of ICJ, „Vintil< Dongoroz – Man and Scientist, as I Knew Him. Evocations”,
who recalled important scenes from her activity as collaborator of the professor in the
criminal law sector of ICJ; Prof. George Antoniu, PhD, Honorary Scientific Director of
ICJ, revealed, in his communication „Contributions of Professor Vintil< Dongoroz to the
Development of Criminal Law”, the major dimensions of the scholar’s scientific work in
this important area of law; Prof. Nicolae Volonciu, PhD, assistant of Professor V.
Dongoroz, at the beginning of 1950, at the Criminal Law Department of the Faculty of
Law of Bucharest, emphasized the professor-scholar’s attitude towards his collaborator in
the Department, in the difficult context of those years.
On this occasion, speeches were also given by Prof. Petre Buneci, PhD (he presented
the defining coordinates of „Contribution of Professor Vintil< Dongoroz to the
Development of Criminal Procedural Law” – a work developed in cooperation with
Professor N. Volonciu) and Tudor Avrigeanu, PhD, senior scientific researcher gr. II of
ICJ (“Current Nature of the Scientific Work of Professor Vintil< Dongoroz. A
Comparative Law Perspective”).
International Scientific Events
• The works of the 4th session of SPECTO 2013 International Conference, Psycho-
Social Perspectives in the Quasi-Coercive Treatment of Offenders, with the theme Social
Control and Vulnerable Groups took place in Timişoara, during 24-25 April 2013.
The event, organized by the Social Work Department of the Faculty of Sociology and
Psychology of the West University of Timişoara, together with the General Inspectorate
of Romanian Police, had prestigious partners both from the governmental field and the
civil society. In the opening of the conference, the rector of the West University of
Timişoara, Prof. Marilen Pirtea, PhD, emphasized the originality of this edition, the
partnership with the Romanian Police representing a necessary challenge both for the
academic environment and the reform elements that the governmental structures are
going through.
For the second consecutive year, the Honorary Chairman of this conference was Prof.
Şerban Ionescu, PhD, Doctor Honoris Causa of the West University of Timişoara,
Professor Emeritus in psychology and psychiatry at the University Paris & Vincennes a
Saint-Denis and the University of Québec at Trois-Rivières, France, a Correspondent
Member of the Romanian Academy of Medical Sciences.
The debates during the conference generated a number of solutions of practical,
applicative and methodological nature of high scientific value.
• On the days of 9 and 10 May 2013, the Nicolae Iorga hall of the Palace of the
Romanian Parliament hosted the regional international conference on „Criminal
Repression in the Context of the Economic Crisis and the Maximization of Crime at
European and Global Level”, organized by the International Association of Penal Law
(AIDP) and the Romanian Association of Penal Sciences (ARSP), in partnership with the
Romanian Academy – ICJ, the Chamber of Deputies – the Committee for Legal Matters,
Discipline and Immunities, „Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University Iaşi, the Faculty of Law
and the Romanian-American University of Bucharest, the Faculty of Law.
In the opening of the conference, the following persons gave speeches: Prof. Jose
Luis de la Cuesta, PhD, President of AIDP, Prof. George Antoniu, PhD, President of
ARSP, Associate Prof. Bogdan Liviu Ciuc, PhD, President of the Committee for Legal
Matters, Discipline and Immunities of the Chamber of Deputies, Prof. John A. E.
Vervaele, PhD, Vice-President of AIDP, Prof. Mircea Duu, Director of ICJ and Prof.
Ovidiu Predescu, PhD, Director of „Dreptul” magazine, Vice-President of the Union of
Jurists of Romania and Vice-President of ARSP.
During the two days, numerous scientific papers were presented in the section of
Criminal Law. General Part, Criminal Law. Special Part, Criminal Procedure Law.
General Part and Criminal Procedure Law. Special Part. Among them, we list as
examples: „The Concept of Crime. Realities and Perspectives in the Light of Economic
Crisis and Rising Crime at European and Global Level” (Prof. George Antoniu, PhD);
„Criminal Repression in Relation to Crimes Against the Person. Realities and
Perspectives in the Light of Economic Crisis and Rising Crime at European and Global
Level” (Prof. Tudorel Toader, PhD, judge at the Constitutional Court of Romania);
„Criminal Prosecution and the Romanian Criminal Procedure Law. Realities and
Perspectives in the Light of Economic Crisis and Rising Crime at European and Global
Level” (Prof. Nicolae Volonciu, PhD, University of Bucharest and Prof. Petre Buneci,
PhD, Dean of the Faculty of Law and Administrative Sciences, the Ecological University
of Bucharest); „The European Prosecutor – Novelty and Perspectives” (Prof. Augustin
Lazr, PhD, General Prosecutor at the Prosecutor’s Office attached to Alba Iulia Court of
Appeal and Angela Nicolae, PhD, Chief Prosecutor, the Prosecutor’s Office attached to
the High Court of Cassation and Justice).
• During 31 May-1 June 2013, ICJ and the Comparative Law Society (SLC) in Paris
organized the 16th edition of „French-Romanian Days”. The event, hosted by the
Romanian Academy Hall, was initiated in 1967 and represents the longest and most
persistent form of cooperation between the lawyers of the two countries, by promoting
over time a fruitful dialogue between the representatives of all relevant legal sectors –
academic, scientific research, legal, administrative etc. –, offering numerous proposals
and solutions for legal regulation and social practice.
This year, in addition to the French and Romanian direct participants, representatives
of the Ministry of Justice, the Union of Jurists of Romania, the Legislative Council,
judges of the Constitutional Court of Romania, the High Court of Cassation and Justice,
members of the Embassy of France in Bucharest, teachers and students of the law
faculties in Bucharest and in the country also participated to the works.
Opening speeches were given by Prof. Mircea DuYu, PhD, Director of ICJ (who
showed that the theme adopted for this meeting, The Heritage, illustrates the openness to
universality by continuing common traditions) and Timothée Paris, PhD, Secretary
General of SLC. Afterwards, Acad. Dan Berindei, Vice-President of the Romanian
Academy, and Vlad Constantinesco, PhD, Emeritus Professor at the Faculty of Law of
Strasbourg, Dean of the Faculty of Comparative Law in the same city, took the floor. The
former evoked the multiple facets of the traditional cultural Franco-Romanian
relationships in the modern era, while Professor Vlad Constantinesco addressed a topic of
great interest: the emerging European constitutional heritage.
By preserving to a certain extent the approach that starts from the fundamental
division in private law and public law, the presented papers followed the comparative
trend, also marking notions and concepts, as well as actual regulations, which are
evolving and adapting under the spectrum of jurisprudence and theoretical analysis.
Among the papers presented on this occasion, we mention: „Heritage of Person
Between the Certainty of Unity and the Evidence of Divisibility” – Prof. Flavius Antoniu
Baias, PhD, Dean of the Faculty of Law of the University of Bucharest; „Historical and
Comparative Approach to the Notions of Heritage and Inalienability” – Marie-Aimée
Latournerie, Honorary President of Section to the Council of State of France;
„Fundamentals of Public Domaniality in the US: The Public Trust Notion” – Thomas
Perroud, Associate Professor at the University Paris-Est Créteil; „Heritage and Dignity”
– Judit Rochfeld, Professor at the University of Paris II Assas etc.
Rubric made by:
Prof. Ovidiu Predescu, PhD
Assistant Lecturer Andrei DuYu, PhD