The Role of Romania in Building the New Security Architecture

AuthorFlorica Brasoveanu, Petru Alexandru Lisievici Brezeanu
PositionOvidius University of Constanta, Faculty of Law and Administrative Sciences - Ovidius University of Constanta, Faculty of Law and Administrative Sciences
European Integration -
The Role of Roman
Florica Braso
Ovidius University o
University o
The app roach toward
will probably pass through a dee
the con tradictory trend of fragm
unlikely to have a war betwee
terrorism, organized crime and
reasons for conflict. Against
accentuated population growth, t
The fight for them will increase
centers of power, will increasing
of their pressure in order to attra
place as advantageous as possibl
interests, knowledge capacity, th
Keywords: integrati
1 Introduction
The operation of Romania’s acce
bodies printed a new vision to th
in its intention of returning to th
democracy and to the market econ
onvinced that its national int
framework of Euro-
Atlantic secu
represents the optimal solution t
evelopment and growth of inte
political d
ialogue and the increas
West, virtually meaning the end o
es and Perspectives
ania in Building the New Security Arc
Petru Alexandru Lisievici Brezeanu
y of Constanta, Faculty of Law and Administrative S
y of Constanta, Faculty of Law and Administrative S
ards a multipolar
world will be lo ng lasting, and the internat
deep restructuring, where the global and regional in tegration
gmentation and ranking of the world. While d ue to global
een the great powers, the amplification of the asymmetric
d pro liferation of weapons of mass destruction, is generating
the background of the rapid decrease of natural resources
h, the battle for strategic resources remained the most stable s
se, and the grouping of countries, accor
ding to their interests
ngly shape more clearly. We will probably assist to the affirma
tract, in the sphere of influence, a larger number of countries,
ible, within the new world order. This configuration will be d
, the volume and quality of information, technological streng
lism; international community
cession to European and Euro
Atlantic political, ec
the reform and modernization strategy of the entir
the big European famil
y and of connecting to the
conomy principles and human rights.
interests can be promoted, asserted and preserv
ecurity structures,
Romania considered that its me
n to the security guarantees offered by the North
international relations, especially after 1990, the
ease of trust between States have fostered a real clo
d of the Cold War.
ve Sciences,
ve Sciences´
national communit y
on will coexist with
ism there is almost
tric risks, including
ting more and more
ces, along with the
e source of conflict.
sts, around the new
rmation and increase
es, so as t
o occupy a
e determined by t he
ength and access to
, economic and security
tire Romanian society,
the universal values, to
erved only within the
membership to NATO
th Atlantic Treaty. The
e enhancement of the
close between East and

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