The Politics of Social Responsibility in the Romanian Business Environment

AuthorStefan Gheorghe
European Integration -
The Pol
Danubius University of Galati,
The ethics and social
developed countries. Underestim
economic activity and to difficul
diminished productivity, few de
value. Recently, the disparagem
supplementary economic costs w
ethics; social respons
Corporations’ activity is based
(such as: employees, consumers,
have their interests respected. W
locally or globally, these program
likely the financial success allow
social responsibilities. The social
which there can be identified fo
ethical and philanthropic. (Zygmu
Economic responsibility -
shareholders who wish a reasona
and well paid jobs, have clients
level of the social responsibilit
responsibilities which supports a
(meaning imperatively
Legal responsibility
The leg
correspond to the rules of a safe
society so that their fulfilment
responsibility. Recently, many
n practices, materialize
sector and the unjustified increas
economic responsibilities).
es and Perspectives
olitics of Social Responsibility in the
omanian Business Environment
Stefan Gheorghe
Faculty of Economic Sciences,
ial responsibility have
become a delicate subject specially in
timating their impact can lead to the loss of clients, the di
ulties for acquiring new customers. The implicit consequences
development opportunities and significant decrease of the c
gement of these concepts by the local or central authoriti
s whic
h can be found in taxes and assessments paid by contribu
onsibility; economic activity; taxes
d on the contribution of large and various socio
rs, providers, local communities
- in one word
When a successful company
initiates programs of
rams contribute either to the success of that particul
lows it the luxury of getting involved in “generous
e should take into account the moral arguments fav
ial responsibility of the economic agents can be reg
four types of responsibil
ities pyramidally dispos
Firms, national and international companies h
onable revenue from their investments, have emplo
ts who solicit good quality products at affordable
ility of any corporation is defined as the foun
ts and makes
them possible. Therefore, economic
ely solicited) to all economic agents.
legal responsibility of any economic agent impli
afe eco
nomic environment which codifies the mor
ent be a mandatory condition with respect to
y important mobile companies had to abide p
lized in illegal strategies meant to ensure them the k
ease of profit (this means these companies focused
in the economically
diminishing of the
for business are:
co mpany’s market
rities may draw up
-professional groups
ke holders
) which must
of social responsibility
cular company or more
ous” initiatives. Beside
favouring corporations’
regarded as a system in
osed: economic, legal,
have managers and
s who want safe
le prices etc. The first
undation of the other
ic responsibilities are
plies that the business
oral conviction of the
o a company’s social
penalties due unfair
e keeping of the market
ed excessively on their

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