International Public Relations in the EU: Development Cooperation Public Opinion and Public Policies

AuthorVictor Negrescu
PositionPhD candidate at the National School of Political Science and Administration (SNSPA)
International Public Rel
PhD candidate at the Nati
In the context of the
Union and the appearance of a co
it is necessary to understand if w
intergovernmental level and con
still far from reaching the maxi
method of the cooperation for de
the national policies that will en
countries but also by the EU
activities, so necessary for raisin
of achieving the Millennium Dev
Developing count
development aid
1. Introduction
Development aid has become in
forward by the increasingly const
ten years ago it would have been
countries because of the different
EU states and institutions to tr
This new reality is in fact determ
Europe even if the economical an
him more self-
of supports independent of the e
Slovakians and 82% of
the Fren
Beneficiary of the project “Doc toral
European Higher Education Area”, co
Operational Programme Huma
n Resourc
Globalization an
in the EU:
Development Coop
and Public Policies
Victor Negrescu
ational School of Political Science and Administrati
the growing importance of the cooperation for development
a common growing public opinion agreement supporting this k
f we can talk today about
a true common European consensus
onsidered to be a part of the nation al foreign policies, EU de
aximum of its efficiency. In this paper we try to introduce
development policies an d interpretation of the degree o f com
enable us to appreciate the stages that have to be complete
U to
realize a completely uniform European assistance stra
sing the efficiency of the funds allocated by the EU, but also
evelopment Goals.
ries; Europeanization; public opinion;
in the last few years a key issue in the EU foreign
nstructed awareness of
the Europeans on their role
en difficult to think about a common European polic
ent perspectives and interests, it becomes more and
o try to build a common cooperation for developme
rmined by the increasing support that development
and social struggles of the commo
n European citize
t if we look at the European opinion pools we see al
e economical development of the EU states: for e
ench and Romanians believe that development aid
al scholarships supporting research: Competitiveness, quality
funded by the European Union through the European
urces Development 2007
and Cultural Diversity
ration (SNSPA)
ent in the European
is kind of initiatives,
sus. Still covered on
development aid is
e a new ev
ommunitarisation of
eted by the member
strategy and of the
so in the perspective
l public relations
gn policy being pushed
le in the world. Even if
olicy on the developing
and more necessary for
ment policy.
ent aid benefits all over
tizen should have made
almost the same levels
r example 89% of the
aid is a very important
lity, and cooperation in the
ean Social Fund, Sectorial

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