References of the Fiscal System?s Adaptation in the Context of Reforming the European Social Models

AuthorMarius Frunza, Elena Toma
PositionAlexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration
European Integration -
References o
Context of R
Alexandru Ioan Cuza” Univ
”Alexandru Ioan Cuza” Univ
Abstract: The purpose and
delineation of the representative
complex process of adaptatio n o
In this respect, the statistical ana
social economic systems, forefr
European Social Models, and it
related to the requirements of th
conceived and differentiated app
between the components of eac
regarding their adaptation proces
context of producing destabilizi
economic processes, the issue of
government expendi
1 Introduction
and empirical.
ons of capitalist social and
whole. In such a con
text, regardi
es and Perspectives
s of the Fiscal System’s Adaptation in t
f Reforming the European Social Mod
Marius Frunză
, Elena Toma
niversity of Iasi, Faculty of Economics and Busines
niversity of Iasi, Faculty of Economics and Busines
the objectives of this approach circumscribe to the high
ve markers as milestones in the uneven dynamics, both in time
of the fiscal systems in the context of re
forming the Europea
analysis made on a sample grouping cou ntries with different t
efront and retrospectively outlines, a series of steps in the
it is to be noticed the fact that th e adaptation of the national f
f t he social and economic development on each step, was to
applied, t
hrough th eir main co mponents. The neglect of the
each fiscal system can lead to making unrealistic assessmen
cess to the requirements of European Social Models reform.
lizing phenomena (recession, crisis, unemployment) which d
of fiscal sustainability may have most unwanted consequences
; taxation; welfare state; European integration
jective, the highlighting and the delineation of th
he context of reforming the European Social Mod
this theme resides from the confluence of at least th
cial and economic system and its subsidiaries, v
and economic systems, each one, with its own d
ilding the European construction, the defining di
insurance of autonomy point of view) is t
he fiscal
, the European Social Models needed and still need
changes of social and economic systems, and to th
rding the quality of the fiscal systems as subsystem
in the
ness Administration,
ness Administration,
ighlighting and the
me and space, of the
pean Social Models.
nt types o f capitalist
he reforming of the
al fiscal subsystems,
s to be distinctively
he interd ependences
ents and propo sals
Even more, in the
h disrupt social and
f the main markers of
odels, both conceptual
t three defining aspects
, visibly coexist more
n development model.
dimension of national
cal one. Never the less,
ed to be developed and
the global system as a
tems within the higher

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