Rational Choice, Consumer Vulnerability and Empowerment: Diverging Economic Perspectives and Issues for Debate

AuthorMadalina Balau
PositionPhD Candidate, University 'Al. I. Cuza', Iasi, Assistant Professor, Danubius University Galati, Romania
European Integration -
Realities a
Rational Choice, Consum
Economic P
: This paper discusses the
rational choice theory and consum
European Union level. The question
rational choice influence the actual
choice? To this aim we review the b
l as the conclusions of previous
main finding of this analysis is th
consumer skills and more active indi
rational choice theory; c
JEL Classification: M31; M38
In the context of the current econo
summed up creates the whole econo
that can be assigned a cost and a be
However, this perspective comes w
benefits there must a monetary evalu
of the consumer this is seldom mad
them related to aspects key to huma
love. At macro-
and their flow is clearly traced. Gre
but they will hardly refer to key asp
comes the fact that at the moment o
difficult to estimate. This situation
elementary piece of the current econ
for everyone to deeper analyze the p
These limitations of the theoretical
realm of consumer choice a confu
pressure on consumers mostly in an
theory and the main critique point
Romanian consumer, starting from
PhD Candidate, University “Al. I. Cuza”, I
Blvd, Galati, Romania.
Tel.: +40372 361
es and Perspectives
umer Vulnerability and Empowerment: D
c Perspectives and Issues for Debate
lina B
he i ssue of consumer choice seen from two quite diverging per
umer empowerment as it is currently measured by available re
ion we try to a nswer is: In
what manner do the assumptions on
ual understanding of choice and the improvement of the fairne
e basic theoretical ideas on rational choice and consumer empowe
us research on Romanian consumers’ empowerment current situa
that Romanian consumer choice needs more awareness, an in
ndividual involvement i
n discussing these issues.
; consumer choice; consumer empowerment; consumer vulnerabil
nomic development, individual choice is the element
nomic transactions, thus the economy itself. There are
benefit and as a consequence analyze the profitability
with its li
mitations, such as the fact that for calcula
aluation of all the preferences of consumers. From the
ade, and there are many aspects that are hard to mon
man life, such as health and education issues, and all
sts and benefits it can only be computed if there are m
rey and bla
ck economy can only be estimated with a
spects of human life such those mentioned above. In a
nt of choice there are future benefits and costs that a
tion makes us arrive to the idea that the individu
conomic development, is highly imperfect and it would
e process of choice.
al perspective put a certain pressure on consumers an
fusing and unclear area. In order to identify the as
an unfair way, we will lo
ok to the basic ideas of the r
ints that can be found, and next we analyze the si
om research report issued by the Joint Research
, Iasi, Assistant Professor, Danubius University Galati
361 102,
fax: +40372 361 290. Corres ponding author:
t: Diverging
research at
on consumer
irness of the
werment, as
ituation. The
increase of
entary p
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are many choices
ity of the choice.
ulating costs and
he standing point
onetize, mos
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ll aspects related
money involved
th a certain error,
n addition to this
t are many tim
dual choice, the
uld be beneficial
and make of the
aspects that put
e rational choice
situation of the
h Centre of the
Address: 3 Galati

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