Qualitative research methods in visual communication. Case study: Visual networks in the promotional videos of the European Year of Volunteering

AuthorCamelia M. Cmeciu - Doina Cmeciu
PositionAssociate Professor, PhD, Danubius University of Galati, Romania - Professor, PhD, Vasile Alecsandri University of Bacau, Romania
Qualitative Research M
Visual Networks in the
: European Years are a m
of this paper is to provid
European and national level. The
visual communication: ATLAS.ti (
semiotics. The
of our analysi
a salience of transactional processes
and a classification of various types
into the way in which two differen
representation and interpretation to a
1. Visual Communication –
Visual communication has become
“more reliant on the viewer’s abil
Abraham, 2001, p. 219) and since th
verbally. The two syntagms which
power of i mages” and “the images
refers to the represented participant(
As Messaris and Abraham (2001, p
historical, and social roots of ideolog
Within the context of visual resear
approach to images. This type of app
own effects), think
about the social
own way of looking at images (a hist
The analyses of visual images have m
quantitative methods: content
variables, such as gender, role, setti
Associate Professor, P hD, Danubius Unive
+40372 361 102.
Corresponding author: cme
Professor, PhD, Vasile Alecsandri Univ
Romania. Tel.: +40 234 542411, f
ax: +40 23
Interdisciplinary Dimensions of Communic
Methods in Visual Communication. Case
Promotional Videos of the European Y
amelia Cmeciu
, Doina Cmeciu
means of promoting European issues at a macro and micro
ide the visual differenc es in the f
raming of the issue of volunte
focuses on a blending of two qualitative research m
i (computer ass isted/ aided qualitative data analysis software) a
ysis highlight two network views on volunteering pr omoted throug
ses in the implementation of volunteering at a European and natio
pes of socia
l practices specific to Romania. This study provides
rent qualitative methods may be combined in order to pr ovide
o a European issue.
processes; European Year; volunteering
ualitative Research Methods
me more and more pervasive nowadays since visual
bility to make intuitive sense of impli
cit meanings”
they convey meanings which might seem controversi
ch may describe the dominance of visual communic
es of pow
er” (Mitchell, 1994, p. 324). Whereas the
nt(s), the former refers to the various meaning potentia
, p. 220) pointed out, images “subtly camouflage th
earch, Gillian Rose (2002, pp. 15
16) makes a plea
approach will take images seriously (visual representat
al conditions and effects of visual objects, and conside
historical, geographical, cultural and social way of look
e mainly focused on two types
of research methods:
t analyses of advertising and photographic images
etting, size, and modality (Bell, 2001) or different str
iversity of Galati, Romania
Address: 3 Galati Blvd, 800654 Gala
niversity of Bacau, Romania
Address: 157 Mreti Avenue,
234 545753
. E-mail: dcmeciu@yahoo.com.
nication Science
ase Study:
n Year of
level. The
nteering at a
methods in
) and socia l
ough videos,
ational level,
es an insight
ide a visual
ual framings are
gs” (Messaris &
rsial if expressed
are “the
e latter syntagm
tials of a picture.
the construct
lea for a critical
tations have their
ider the viewer’s
ges, using either
strategies for the
alati, Romania
. Tel.:
ue, 600115, Bacau,

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