The Protection of the Right to Life in the New Criminal Code

AuthorLavinia Mihaela Vladila
European Integration -
“Valahia” University o
: The present article illu
to life, in comparison with th e ne
the study of the new Crimina
regulation and the new Criminal
is a more practical one, because
entrance into force, the doctrinai
result is meant to increase the u
new Criminal Code.
Key words: right to life;
1. Introduction
The right to life is fundamental.
animates and supports us in ever
anything else, no matter how goo
be. But, as important life may be,
the law or with their own consc
A truth putted in metaphorical w
ended by death, it does not necess
Correlating now, this fundamen
fundamental law, which by its A
and mental integrity of person is
inhuman or degrading punishmen
Being such an important right, it
regulations kept until nowadays r
the protection of this right was a
and punishment.
es and Perspectives
The Protection of the Right to
Life in the New Criminal Code
Lavinia Mihaela Vlădilă
ty of Târgovişte, Faculty of Law and Social
illustrates general aspects o f the actual regulation on the prote
new regulation, which shall be analyzed more carefully. The
inal Code, emph
asizing the most important differences be
nal Code, and the few texts elaborated in this area. The approa
se few texts were written about the new Criminal Code, at t
naires will need to know the differences and the innovations b
understanding of the new text and to enrich the analysis and
ces against human life
; new Criminal Code;
homicide upon re
al. Life is itself the fundament of any other right,
verything we do. Without it we could not discuss o
ood our intentions, as
pirations and wishes to person
be, it sometimes seems so fragile “in the hands” of p
sciousness. So, mostly, as a coin with two sides,
ntradicting one to another, being one of the parado
l words by Lucian Blaga, a great philosopher and
essarily mean that the pu
rpose of life is the very dea
ental right with the law, we shall notice that it
Art 22 shows that: “1. The right to life, as well as
is guaranteed; 2. No one may be subjected to tortu
ent or treatment; 3. The death penalty is prohibited”
, it was appreciated and protected si
nce immemori
s refer to the punishment for those who committed
s and is associated with the criminal right and with
ical Sciences,
otection of the ri ght
he paper is based on
between the actual
roach of the su bject
t t
he moment of its
s brought by it. The
and synthesis of the
ht, the very breath that
ss of any other right or
sonal achievement may
of persons arguing with
s, life goes along with
doxes in our existence.
nd poet: “
If each life is
” (Iulian Poenaru,
it is protected in the
as the right to physi
orture or to any kind of
orial times. All known
ed murder. This is why
ith the idea of offence

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