Protecting the rights of foreigners to investment in Ukraine - attractive land plots

Author:Dmytro Fedchyshyn, Iryna Ignatenko, Oleksandr Bondar
Protecting the rights of foreigners to investment in Ukraine -
attractive land plots
PhD. Oleksandr BONDAR3
The normative legal acts that define the basic guarantees and which are based on
protection of foreign investments in Ukraine are ana lyzed. The emphasis is on the special
legal regime of economic activity in the special (free) economic zones, on the territory of
which are implemented preferential customs, monetary, financial, tax and other con ditions
of economic activity of foreign legal entities and individuals. It is dete rmined that industrial
parks are one of the most common types of special economic zones. The p rocedure of
acquiring ownership of land plots, which is p lanned to be used for creation and functioning
of the indu strial park an d subjects of the special regime of management within the
industrial park, is considered.
Keywords: ownership of land by foreigners; protection of rights to land;
investments; industrial park; special economic zones.
JEL Classification: D86, K11, K22, P48, P14
1. Introduction
Ukrainian land has always attracted interest from foreign investors as
means of production and investment. The tendency to increase such interest has not
changed for quite a long time, and in the short term there are no prerequisites for
reducing the interest in the land. Because of the fundamental importance of land as
a strategic asset, regulation of ownership relations and land use has a separate place
in all developed legal systems.
Ukraine has significant land resources. Her land fund is 60.3 million
hectares. Almost 70% of the territory of the country is occupied by agricultural
land, over 17% forests and forest areas, 4.1% of built-up land, 4% of water, and
1.6% of wetlands, and 3.7% of others. The area of built-up land is 2,552.9 thousand
hectares, including 488.9 thousand hectares for residential buildings, 281.3
thousand hectares of public utilities, 29.0 thousand hectares of mixed use land,
lands used for technical purposes infrastructure of 74.2 thousand hectares,
industrial land 224.7 thousand hectares, land of commercial and other uses - 55.4
thousand hectares4.
1 Dmytro Fedchyshyn - Zaporizhzhia National University, Ukraine,
2 Iryna Ignatenko - Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University, Ukraine,
3 Oleksandr Bondar - Zaporizhzhia National University, Ukraine,
4 Бавровська Н.М., Боришкевич О.В., Проблеми використання та охорони
сільськогосподарських земель в сучасних умовах. „Землеустрій, кадастр і моніторинг земель”,

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