Private Companies in Romania - A Strategic Organizational Communication Outlook

AuthorRoxana Seitan
ISSN: 2067 9211 Interdisciplinary Dimensions of Communication Science
Interdisciplinary Dimensions of Communication Science
Private Companies in Romania - A Strategic Organizational
Communication Outlook
Roxana Şeitan1
Abstract: The objective of this study is to examine the strategic organizational communication
performed by the private companies from Romania in their annual reports published in 2014, 2015 and
2016. Following the studies performed by Rutherford (2005), Beattie, Dhanani, Jones (2008), Ditlevsen
(2010), Breeze (2013), Stanton (2017), we are analysing the structure as well as the content of the annual
reports. Findings of the study show the total and average number of pages per annual report, the total and
average numbers of words per annual report, the most frequently used words i n the twelve published
annual reports by the four considered companies. Through content analysis, the communication related to
the diversity of employees’ nationalities as well as the employees’ gender have been assessed, concluding
that the four private companies make known in their annual reports this type of information. Study of
strategic organizational communication provide significant information to the academics as well as to the
Keywords: organizational communication; strategic communication; annual reports
1. Introduction and Theoretical Framework
Organizational communication, in the opinion of P ace (1983), is an understanding of both the
organizing process and the products that issue from an organization. The structure, the rules, the
expectations, and the meanings govern some of the communication activities that occur in an
organization; at the same time the communication activities produce, create, and affect the
organization. Hence, organizational communication is at the heart of the organization; it both affects
and is affected by the organization. (Pace, 1983, pp. 37 - 38)
Papa, Daniels, Spiker (2008) illustrated that strategic communication is the fundamental subject matter
for the significant perspective of organizational communication. Strategic communication i n
organizations is a complex process concerned about the transmission of messages in order to influence
various publics and with the ways in which publics seek out and use information. (Papa, Daniels,
Spiker, 2008, pp. 376-377)
Organizations reputation, image, and brand are connected, linked and all three are underpinned,
supported, reinforced by effective strategic communication. (Stanton, 2017, p. 45) Organizations
invest directly and indirectly in the sustainability of reputation, image and brand. Direct investment
1 University of Bucharest, Facul ty of Journalism and Communication Sciences, Doctoral School in Communication Sciences,
Romania, Address: Bd. Iuliu Maniu 1 -3, Complex Leu, Building A, Floor 6, Bucharest 061071, Romania, E-mail:

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