Principles of a new model for education in the knowledge society

AuthorEmilian Dobrescu - Edith-Mihaela Sima
PositionProfessor Ph.D., Scientific Secretary of the Department of economics, law and sociology Romanian Academy - Ph.D. Sociology, University of Bucharest Faculty of Sociology
Madalina Antoaneta Radoi
Emilian M. DOBRESCU*
Edith-Mihaela SIMA**
Education is a social effect of millenary human action, stemming from the human
experience throughout its existence, but also scientific and technical knowledge, who put their
mark on human evolution and society. Sociology of education, scientific discipline border,
studying the social effects on the development of education, has taken great theoretical and
practical connotations of centuries XIX and XX century and we now consider the early Millennium
III , an important scientific discipline, scientific accumulation products through all this time, the
disciplines of Humanities and Nature, accumulations which sums up their brilliant education. We
appreciate that, as human society, but nations have better access to knowledge and scientific
information, education in general, exerted on the human individual through classical or modern
methods, the development of education is more important for that society . The more advanced a
society is an educational and scientific, so it is better to plan social activities. Knowledge society,
the current type of planetary human society needs a new model for education, including some
cases that the old educational models, whose viability has been demonstrated from antiquity to the
present in historical periods, locations and areas geographical. Never been more important that
education for human society in this period. Knowledge by all members of society the full set of
information accumulated by mankind over time and how they are used for positive conduct of all
human activities on the planet is very important. This finding generates the particular importance
of the role of education in human progress.
Keywords: JEL Clasification: education, new educational model, knowledge society,
lifelong learning, education throughout life.
Like all human experiences, accumulated and transmitted from generation to generation,
education is part of the overall social system. The purpose of education is done in society, both
within the family as the primary purpose entity for the transmission of accumulated knowledge in the
education system (institutional social system of education), in its various stages, but above all the
lifelong the individual, through continuing education. All three sequences - stage of education as a
subsystem of the overall social system are directly dependent on the economic stage of development of
each society and are influenced by all the accumulated knowledge, ideas and doctrines of specific
historical periods, which put their stamp on education in each type of company to lower the level
of individual and institutional entities in society.
* Professor Ph.D., Scientific Secretary of the Department of economics, law and sociology Romanian
Academy (e-mail:
** Ph.D. Sociology, University of Bucharest Faculty of Sociology (e-mail:

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