Premises for the establishing of the European Administrative Space

AuthorCatalin-Silviu Sararu
Premises for the establishing of the European Administrative Space
Associate professor Ctlin-Silviu SĂRARU1, PhD.
Article analyzes the premises which made possible the creation of a European
Administrative Space in the European Union. Are researched the criteria for belonging to
the European Space, the conditio ns for the existence of a European Public Space and the
notion of the European Administrative Space. They emphasize the factors that can
determine a un ified transnational public law by analyzing the administrative convergences
in Europe. Today we find that although the term and concept of law of public
administration differ from one national system to another, it is possible an agreement on a
common definition of administrative law, as a set of principles and rules tha t relate to the
organization and administration management public and relations between g overnments
and citizens.
Keywords: European Administrative Space, the European Union, administrative
law, the administrative convergences
JEL classification: K23, K33
1. Belonging to the European Space
Underlying any new beginning is a system of values. The question is to
discover the values that allow us to talk today about a country belonging to the
European space.
Professor Andrei Marga believes that to speak of belonging to the
European Space must distinguish: Europe's geographic: placing between the
Atlantic and the Urals, which are devoted to the continent's geographical
boundaries; historical membership in Europe: participation in movements that
have given the continent's cultural and institutional forms, from creating polis,
through contact with the Judeo-Christian tradition, modern revolutions in
knowledge, economics and law, to defend the foundations of a free society;
institutional membership in Europe: the embodiment of an open society
organizations and specific legislation; cultural affiliation: cultivating an attitude
in knowledge and practical life characterized by trust factual analysis and
cultivating critical thinking. The same author believes that if distinctions are made
honestly, then you have to admit that, in light of European unification process
started after the war's geographic and membership historic decide not a European,
1 Cătălin -Silviu Săraru – Law Department, Bucharest University of Economic Studies, Romania, .

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