Construction of the European Neighborhood Policy. From a Regional Policy to a Local Approach: EUBAM to Moldova and Ukraine

AuthorRuxandra Alexianu
PositionAlexandru I. Cuza University, Iasi, Faculty of History
Construction of the E
Policy to a Local A
Alexandru I. Cuza Un
The main p urpose of
instrument which is the Europea
Construction because it studies
accomplishments. Unlike other
activity of the Eu ropean Union B
case study of the ENP towards t
previous empirical studies and
results of the EUBAM to Moldo
groups interested in the efficienc
useful to European or local po
emphasizing the interdependenc
energy needs of the EU, largely d
: European Construct
The construction of the Europea
January 2007. That makes it nece
of this major player on the int
partners is a principal aim of th
connexion with its external rel
objectives will only be possible
This in turn must be coupled with
When we are talking abo
Security Policy and also a Europ
want to be concret, coherent and
respond to a the question of puttin
The official statement of the EU regar
trade and financial terms mak
es it a wor
spends over 7 billion euro a year on aid
and regions.” ( ).
Globalization an
e European Neighborhood Policy. From
l Approach: EUBAM to Moldova and
Alexianu Ruxandra
University, Iasi, Faculty of History, ruxy_email@ya
of this paper is to present the institutional dynamics of an int
pean Neighborhood Policy. This research is important in the f
ies the intercourse bet
ween the aims of this institution a
er similar research, this paper wants to bring a deeper approa
n Border Assistance Missio n to Moldova and Ukraine. The m
s the Republic of Moldova. Through the systematization and
numerous press articles this work offers a clear image of
ldova and Ukr
aine. This paper may elicit a more analytical int
ency of some entities that define the European construction b
political decisional factors. The key contribution
of this p
ence between solving a specific neighboring policy in th e E
ly dependent on the Russian Federation.
; European Neighbourhood P
olicy; Republic of Moldo
pean Union after the fifth round of enlargement w
ecessary to pay more attention to what is happening
international scene.
Developing and reinforcing c
the EU (Cannizzaro 2002, 298). The official stat
relations is that
international cooperation is ess
le through joint multilateral efforts within interna
ith partnerships involving other key players
he institutional level, the EU has developed a Co
opean Security and Defense Policy (Eeckhout 2004
and common action plans for all the member state
tting toghether the diferent tipes of relations, prefer
garding it’s external relations is: „The sheer size of the Europ
orld player. The biggest trader and home to the world’s seco
aid to developing countries. Its trade and partnership agreeme
and Cultural Diversity
om a Regional
nd Ukraine
international unique
e field of European
n and it’s practical
roach regarding the
method used
was a
and interpretation of
of the activity and
interest for research
n but it can also be
s paper consists of
e East and ensuring
ldova; Transnistrian
t was completed on 1
ing outside the bord
g cooperation with its
statement of the EU in
essential and meeting
rnational organisations.
Common Foreign and
004, 141). This policies
tates. Becaus
e it has to
ferential or disputes for
ropean Union in economic,
cond currency, the EU also
ments cover most countries

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