Police and Fighting Corruption - Kosovo Case

AuthorFitim Shishani
Police and Fighting
Corruption- Kosovo Case
Abstract: This paper argues the level of corruption in Kosovo and the Kosovo Police's struggle against
this dangerous phenomenon for the society. The major economic, social and political developments
taking place in Kosovo and the region certainly affect the appearance of different forms of crime,
especially the organized crime and corruption. As a relatively new organization, the Kosovo Police is
on the front li ne in terms of fighting corruption in Kosovo. The paper presents concrete tasks and
structural organization of the police in combating corruption. Further, the paper presents some results
of the Kosovo Police's work in dealing with corruption. There are some recommendations at the end of
the paper for future police work so that the results in combating corruption in Kosovo are still more
Keywords: Kosovo Police; Department of Investigation; Corruption; Official Corruption; Kosovo
1. Introduction
The Kosovo Police is a public service within the scope of the Ministry of Internal
Affairs enforcing the law and public order. It was established on 6 September 1999.
At that time, the OSCE Mission in Kosovo in accordance with United Na tions
Resolution 1244, opened the police school and started training candidates for
members of the Kosovo Police. This service was run by the International Police for
a long time almost in every segment, even though their role was allegedly to be
monitors. Powers and duties of the Kosovo Police, its organization and other issues
related to the activities and actions of the police, are governed by the Constitution of
Kosovo, the Law on Police No. 04/L-076. This law entered into force in March
(2012). In the strategic documents of the Kosovo Police, a mission and vision is
foreseen to provide law enforcement in a professional and efficient manner. Strategic
1 Lecturer, PhD, Juridika College, Republic of Kosovo, Address: Rr. “Nazim Gafurri” nr. 52, 10000
Prishtinë, Republic of Kosovo, Tel.: (038) 517 347; (049) 511 111; (045) 327 100, Corresponding
author: fshishani@gmail.com.
AUDJ, Vol. 15, No. 1/2019, pp. 96-103

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