Legal Personality of Inter-Governmental International Organisations

AuthorCristian Jura
PositionAssociate Professor, PhD, Christian University Dimitrie Cantemir, Bucharest, Romania and State Secretary at National Council for Combating Discrimination, Bucharest, Romania
Legal Per
Upon the incorporation of a n i
entities some of their powers, bas ed on whi
Thus, the international organizations
entities of int ernational order, such as differ
own legal personality, disti nct from that of t
such article is to examine the lega l pers o
apprehends the limits of their j uridical perso
internal j
uridical personality and the interna
manner of manifestation of such legal person
International organizations; lega
conclude treaties
1. Introduction
Although they are derivate subjects o
governmental international org
issues faced by humanity, which ma
fast solutions.
association of suzerain states intend
organization. (N
stase, 2006)
governmental international o
laboration of states in different
organizations represent forms of coo
the states created a certain juridical
elaborated, stipulating the object an
achieving the objectives followed. (
diplomat) stated that “
sometimes disorienting for the citize
provided by its own government”.
One of the rapporteurs of th
e Comm
proposed the following definition
Associate Professor, PhD, Christian Univ
Council for Combating Discr imination, Buc
+4021 330 8931.
Corresponding author: cris
Legal Sciences in the New
ersonality of Inter
International Organizations
Cristian Jura
n inter
governmental international organization, the states assig
hich the organization will promote the collective interests of its
orm some public functions based on which they enter in contact
ferent states or other organizations. Manifesting as such, they acq
f the states
forming it, and which it is opposable erga omnes
. Th
rsonality of inter
governmental international organizations prov
ersonality. In t he achievement of s uch objective, I have developed
rnational juridical personality of international organizations, reco
egal personality; internal personality; international
personality; c
ts of public international law, since they are the creatio
rganizations have an increasing high role in the settle
may be solved only by an overall approach and only
nternational law, the international organization is consi
ing to achieve an objective of common interest, by
nother definition is provided by Gheorghe Moca, wh
organizations as permanent, institutionalized fo
nt fields. (Moca, 1970)
Grigore Geam
nu wrote tha
coordination of international collaborations in differen
organizational (
institutional) frame by adopting a by
and scopes of organization, their bodies and functions
d. (Geam
nu, 1983)
Albrecht Schraepler (Germ
ernmental international organizations represent a s
tizen, with no right of intervention or influence, besid
mmission of International Law of United Nations
on for the international organizations:
an associat
Dimitrie Cantemir, Bucharest, Romania and State Sec
ucharest, Romania
Address: 176 Splaiul Unirii, Bucharest, 03013
New Millennium
sign to such
its members.
ct with other
acquire their
The scope of
roviding one
ped both the
ecording the
; capacity to
tion of states, the
ent of global
ly by viable and
nsidered to be an
by the bodies of
who defines the
forms, of the
that international
rent fields, since
-law, mutually
ons, necessary in
rman author and
a special world,
sides the by
G. Fitzmaurice
iation of states,
ecretary at National
0134, Romania
. Tel:

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