Organisational Structure: Essential in Making Mechanisms Process Management

AuthorGeorgeta Modiga
PositionDanubius University of Galati, Faculty of Law
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Danubius University
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Organisational Structure:
Making Mechanisms
Process Managem
Georgeta Modiga
ity of Galati, Faculty of Law,
anagement is a new field of management science, there
are a
principles and approaches, there is only a relative matter,
etermines the coordinates of the major public sector reform. O
to formalism, changing some general understandings and
meeting new public management.
As a consequence, it is abs
reatment of the old administrative sys
tem, public institutions
inistrative apparatus that develop rules, regulations and laws b
ew principles and regularities of public management, the adm
nstitution by public managers seek an given level of manage
l public interest and satisfaction of specific so cial needs.
design of technology-
specific organizational structure of p
ithin public institutions, participatory decisio n
making structu
f organizations based on structure
s -
pyramidal and hierarchi
; information-decision process; organization;
anagement is a set of processes that are under t
administrative system as a whole and each part o
rs assigned to its components and the relationships
stem to effect
ively meet the public interest.
on the organization's work may be carried out effic
n the principles, methods and techniques scientific
the only source of generating coherent action, the
tion can adapt to the changes that occur in contin
ement, organizational structure of
public institution
fines the framework for action and outlines the f
es the place and role of each section, outlines the
- decision-
making and effectiveness.
cture, how to combine them, the correspondence be
de of distribution of responsibilities,
establishing c
Legal Sciences
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. Otherwise, there is
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absolutely necessary
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gerial performance,
o this we highlight
f public institutions,
ctures that are most
chical organizations
r the legal
t of public institutions,
ips established between
ficiently only against a
fically. In this way the
he discipline and order
ntinuous practice in its
ions plays a major role
e factors of efficiency,
the powers, duties and
s. Examining the basic
between functions and
g connections between

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