Old and New Configurations Regarding the Concept of Economic Performance

AuthorOvidia Doinea
Old a
University of Craiova, Faculty
: The performance is
measurement of performances
achievements from various cent
established for each of them and
track from the selected norms.
different ways, respectively:
performance depending on the cr
performance of the enterprise is
targeting the achievement of thr
development of its surrounding e
: performance; interna
1. Introduction
In the attempt to define the term o
the word performance and its e
signification of this notion and on
We notice that in spite of the abu
even in the papers that have it a
obvious but its definition is comp
2. Problem Statement
The origin of word performance
words more related to it are
in Latin means to giv
The generally accepted signific
”. (The Romanian Langua
The general performance
, define
performances, is a multidimensio
Performance and Risks in the
nd New Configurations Regarding
of Economic Performance
Ovidia Doinea
lty of Economy and Business Administration
is generally known to be a special achievement in a field
s represents a system of control techniques meant to ma
nters of responsibility within the e
nterprise are in conformit
nd to apply positive or negative sanctions if the achievements a
In the economic specialized literature, the performance is p
- performance
the strategic objectives’ achievement
creation of value;
efficiency versus efficacy in defining the
is know
n nowadays under the name of sustainable develo
three objectives:
the growth of the enterprise’s financial p
g environment’s efficacy;
- the favoring of the social
rnal value; external value; sustainable development; enterprise
m of performance, we consider it is necessary to mo
s evolution in time, the starting point for this b
only afterwards we wil
l try to give our own definiti
bundance of its use in various cases, performance
t as the central object of study. It is like the sense
mpletely unimportant.
ce is Latin, but its main signification from the En
in Latin and to perform and performance
give shape to a thing.
fication of
performance is:
“a special achievem
uage’s Explicative Dictionary).
fined as a system aggregating the economic, soci
sional concept difficult to measure from the techni
the European Economy
obeta Turnu Severin,
eld of activity. The
make sure that the
ity with the norms
ts are sensitively off
s perceived
in three
ent level;
he performance. The
lopment, a concept
l performance;
monitor the meaning of
being the origin and
nition for performance.
is very rarely
nse of this notio
n is so
English language. The
in English.
ement in a domain of
ocial and environment
hnical point of view. In

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