Notorious Cases of Serial Killers

AuthorElena Catalina Iosub
PositionDanubius University of Galati, Faculty of Law, Romania
The Youth of Toda y - The Generation of the Global Development
Notorious Cases of Serial Killers
Iosub Elena-Ctlina
Abstract: The reconstructio n of a death scene provides an o verall picture of the crime and will indicate the
murder as an event or one of a series of events and also the criminal. But when the criminal is declared a
serial killer, many questions are raised up. How cou ld a person kill some else without a reason or why people
react in such a disorganized way and become so brutal or what made them act like that and so many questions
with also so many answers. This project explains the psychology of a murderer, his own way of thinking and
acting by presuming that we may accurately discover what is in their minds when they kill. It is about a very
complex issue regarding murder investigations, biological factors and psychological profile of a serial killer.
Dealing with this problem we will at last reach to the question that could solve finally the puzzle: Are serial
murderers distorted reflections of society's own values?
Keywords: serial killer; murder investigation psychological profile; biological factors; serial murderers
1. Introduction
We have long attempted to understand the complex issues concerning the serial murder investigations.
I have always been passionate to find out the real truth behind them, the life they had and the most
important thing, what made the impact so brutally towards other people. We are sure that it was not
their purpose to murder people or to behave in such a disorganized way, it must have been the
environment they grew up in or the entourage they might have had or cruel and harsh conditions in
childhood. Our reckoning is that they are also victims of their families, society and life, in general,
misfortunes might have piled up in their existence and outburst into such violent forms. It is not a
simple thing to analysis their behavior, psychology or acts. Despite the fact that it is a very difficult
issue, it is also very complex to admit exactly what happened in their minds and what caused their
reactions. Going into the mind of a serial killer was a real challenge for me, but I really think that all
my work had a good purpose, to discover the human being part behind a murder.
2. Criminal Psychology
Before a person is entitled as a serial killer a question must be asked: How did this person become a
murderer? The answer lies in the development of the individual from birth to adulthood, his behavior
being influenced by life experiences and certain biological factors.Serial murderers, like all human
beings, are the product of their heredity, their upbringing, and the choices they make throughout life.
Soit is important to see whether there were clues early in their lives that would have helped us to
identify their homicidal tendencies before they had committed violent crimes:
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