New Challenges in the Narcotics World

AuthorNicoleta-Elena Buzatu
PositionUniversity of Bucharest 'Dimitrie Cantemir' Christian University, Ph.D Candidate Law School
New C
University of Bucharest "Dimi
The consumption of
nowadays; its direct or indirect e
to be taken into account by the in
the younger population is much
consequently, by risks. The na
phenomena met with in the cont
using ever higher doses of mo
addiction to them. Unhappily du
heroine, marijuana, cocaine, etc.
botanical plants” that are p
for example -
with plant mixe
Dictionary, ethno-
biology is a
Romania, ethno-botanical p
botanical” plants. The numerous
herbs, the researchers found tha
synthetic substances -
Keywords: drug; illicit;
1. Introduction
The last three years have confro
substances obtained from plants g
legally obtained. The number of c
of addiction,
as these substances
legal, as they appear to be, they c
for everybody to be able to affor
with discounts, fidelity cards, etc.
In late 2008, several cannabinoids
odorisers. Typical of these were
later appeared. They do not conta
those of cannabis. These products
countries control ‘Spice’ a
Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, L
in the Narcotics World
Nicoleta-Elena Buzatu
imitrie Cantemir" Christian University, Ph.D Candi
of narcotics is one of the problems the international world is
t effects lead to the conclusion that it represents a worr ying ph
e international prog
rams of co-
operation. In contrast with the m
ch more receptive to the new, much more attracted by new
narcotics flagellum is o ne of the most complex, pro fou
ontemporary world. Narcotization is the morbid habit of repe
ore or less toxic substances able to generate a psychologi
due to the la
ck of information, people think that the illegal s
are considered drugs. Not long ago there appeared the so
re perfectly legal, and many consumers have repla
ced narcotic
ixes. According to explanations given by the Ethno
a branch t hat studies the mutual relationship between m
ants are sold under the generic names of “aroma therape
us researches meant to decode the molecular and b iochemical
that consumers are described as facing hallucin
ogenic effects
- added by manufacturers.
; psychoactive substances; hallucinogenic plants
fronted our country with new types
of narcotics w
ts growing on various fields of the planet or substan
of consumers is rapidly increasing either because of
es have replaced the so
called “classic narcotics.” T
y can be bought directly from the shops of destinatio
fford. These shops make advan
tageous offers, attra
ids were detected in herbal smoking mixtures or so
re Spice Gold, Spice Silver and Yucatan Fire,
ntain tobacco or cannabis but when smoked, produ
cts are typically sold via the Internet and in ‘head sh
or other synthetic cannabinoids: Denmark, Germa
a, Luxembourg, Austria, Poland, Romania, Sweden
Legal Sciences
ndidate Law School,
is confronted with
phenomenon meant
e mature population,
w experiments and,
ound and dra
peatedly taking and
ogical and physical
al substances only
-called “mixes of
- as mariju ana,
tanical Explanatory
man and plant. In
apeutic” or “ethno
al structure of these
cts caused by some
which are nothing but
tances considered to be
of curiosity or because
.” The advantage is that
ation at available prices
ttracting the consumers
-called incense/room
ut many other products
oduce effects similar to
d shops’. The following
many, Estonia, France,
en and UK. In Poland,

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