Efficiency Modalities in Internal Plan of Decisions Isued by International Jurisdictions that Regulated the Situation of Private Law Persons in National Judicial Order

AuthorClaudia Andritoi
PositionEftimie Murgu University, Economic and Administrative Sciences Faculty
Efficiency Modalities in
Jurisdictions that Re
Eftimie Murgu
University, Econo
The objectives of the
give birth to rights and obligatio
that the problem if these can
the rules of international law a
domestic purposes
. According to
of implementation of internation
often touch the
problem of secu
realize this study the systemic m
collaboration, a combination of
universe, thus it is proper to me
into discussion a normative disco
to ignore the decisions of ICJ o
international law rule or to avo
important to also realized an app
used to, observing that, due to its
Keywords: jurisdictions;
1. Introduction
Modalities of efficiency on an
regulated the situation of privat
ntion of an internal judge.
persons that benefit from rights
give birth to obligations. The com
that binds only contracting states.
Monitoring the implem
According to art. 94.1 from the N
the International Court of Justice
Charta doesn’t provides any mec
s in Internal Plan of Decisions Isued by
Regulated the Situation of Private Law
National Judicial Order
Claudia Andriţoi
onomic and Administrative Sciences Faculty, Re
he article are represented by the prove of the fact that th e deci
ations in natural persons a
nd judicial persons’ patrimonies, in
vail from t he authority of the thing judged is posed? Besid
are applied by natio nal courts according to national cons
to the theory of the act of state, even
it would seem that, at
ional rules are subjected to internal jurisd ictions, the resoluti
ecurity and public order which escapes the judicial compete
method, the comparative method and the logical method were
of research methods are impose
d, so that each has the voca
mention the contribution of epistemology as a reflection on s
scourse in systems of descriptive texts
In conclusion, the nati
CJ o r to keep in mind these decisions in interpreting an intern
void the reexamining of pro blems already presented in thes
pproach of the image of the law and of its meanings, beyond t
its complexity, law can not be reduced to one and unique repre
s; international organizations
n internal plan of decisions issued by internation
vate law persons in national judicial order suppos
ge. This may be demanded either by the creditor st
ts and the in task of which the decision of the in
ompulsory effect of ICJ dec
isions is based on a rule
lementation of decisions issued by internatio
e Nations Charta, each member state engages in obe
tice (ICJ) in all the case in which it is a party. Re
echanism of monitoring the implementing of these
Legal Sciences
by International
aw Persons in
iţa, c.andritoi@uem.ro
ecisions of the court
, in internal law, so
Besides this situation,
itutions and for
at least internal acts
lutions implemented
In order to
ere used, but a tight
ocation to seize the
n sciences, bringing
ational j
udge is free
ternal law norm, an
hese decisions
. It is
d the clichés we got
ional jurisdictions that
pose, on one side, the
r state either by private
international organism
ule of conventional law
tional jurisdictions
obeying the
decision of
Regardless all this, the
ese decisions instead of

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