Data Mining - Innovative Method for Obtaining Information in Marketingand Business Management

AuthorMirela-Cristina Voicu, Alina-Mihaela Babonea, Andreea Paula Dumitru
European Integration -
Data Mining –
Cristina Voic
Nicolae Titulescu Univ
Nicolae Titulescu Un
Nicolae Titulescu Un
The existence of mas
Keywords: marketing research;
1 Introduction
Organizations’ strategic flexibilit
fact that many companies make s
is well known, but, most of the
things, within many organization
having, surprisingly, very little in
interpreting data, to present the
Many companies were faced late
but the information is insufficient
and processed, due to the fact tha
no more than 7% of the data coll
should be explored in
order to
competition. How could we, as m
techniques can we use in order to
As all the data tends to be m
techniques may identify patterns
to analyze the relationship betw
es and Perspectives
nnovative Method
or Obtaining Inform
rketingand Business Management
, Alina-Mihaela Babonea
, Andreea Paula
niversity, Faculty of Economics, voicu.cristina.m@
University, Faculty of Economics, alinababonea@u
University, Faculty of Economics, pauladumitru@u
assive amounts of data raised the question of using their r
operation. Data mining offers the promise of an important ai
an be used to predict the behavior of customers, products and
by users w
ho understand the business, the general nature
t discovers information within the data that queries and reports
ta and prepare properly, to face reality models
. Choosing the
a tool with the capabilities required, an interface that matches
ific business problem. In this context, the purpose of this pap
any activity problems which can be solved by using data minin
data mining; segmentation; cluster analysis;
consumer behav
depends to a great extent on securing access
e significant efforts to research for data supporting t
he time, managers don’t know what to expect. To
ons, different parties following different objectives
information concerning their clients. It’s the marke
he re
search results and to plan actions based on
ately with a pretty serious issue: the data is availabl
ent. This is due to the fact that only part of the da
that the data is inconsistent and divided in several d
ollected within a company is used, the rest represen
to obtain the necessary information and being
s marketers, help our clients improve the results of
to create an advantage for our clients regarding the
multivariate when being interpreted, the data a
ns within the data sets
(Ruxanda, 2005)
. For exam
tween client satisfaction and company profitabili
la Dumitru
ir reorientation to a
t aid for discovering
and processes. Data
ure of the data and
orts can’t effectively
he most app ropriate
es the skills of users
paper is to illustra
ining techniques.
ss to information. The
g the hypotheses stated
To further co
es may be encountered
rketing’s duty to aid in
n the results obtained.
able in large quantities,
ta gathered is analyzed
l databases. In average,
senting a potential that
ng a step beyond the
of their activity? What
r business?
a analysis exploratory
ample, in case we wish
bility, our survey shall

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