Migration and Economic Integration. Romanian Immigrant Workers in Germany

AuthorRaluca-Marilena Mihalcioiu
PositionDoctoral School in Management
European Integration -
Doctoral Schoo
Migration as factor mo
economics. Scientists, politicians
the host country especially in
describes recent economic and e
integration possibilities. It provi
towards immigrants and th e nat
not. In this paper I explore how i
if they have the rig
ht attitudes a
ethnic identity and multicultural
and social-
cultural integration of
1. Introduction
Recent developments moved the
countries. There is a need for m
national level. Migration can
consequences of ageing populati
human development in a country
production is of paramou
nt impor
and resistance of natives to their
process of integartion has to face
only at national level but also in
concept for solving the problems
The subject how immigrants prog
significant because immigrants a
assimilated when they fare as we
and mix with the nat
ive or they
immigrants fare in the host countr
importance today in the Europea
the EU (for Romania and Bulgar
es and Perspectives
gration and Economic Integration.
nian Immigrant Workers in Germany
Raluca-Marilena Mihalcioiu
ool in Management, ralucamarilena@googlemail.c
mobility and migrants as a factor of production are of paramo
ans and the general public are dealing with the issue of how im
in terms of their
labor force participation and remmunera
d ethnic diversity caused by international labor migration an
ovides an analysis in understanding the ethnic identities,
natives. While some i mmigrant groups are economically assi
w immigrants identify with the culture of their ho me and recei
s about natives. This article aims at drawing conclusions abou
al attitudes for economic performance. Finally, the paper deals
Romanian immigrant workers in Germany.
s; ethnic identity; migrant integration; work
the issue of international migration into the poli
r more in
depth consideration of integration polic
n nevertheless play an important ro
le in allev
ations together with other policies. Migrants are an
try and migration seen as factor of mobility and m
portantance. The growth of the immigrant populatio
eir concerns lead to many problems in their integra
ace problems in the economic, social, cultural
international. Politicymakers are deeply interested
s of international migration.
rogress in the host countries in terms
of their work
ts are always compared to natives. They are cons
well as natives. Interesting to notice is the fact if
hey create parallel societies. This paper deals wi
ntry in terms of economic integration possibilities.
ean Union, where free movement of workes is
garia in 2014). Even if Germany has insisted on co
mount importance in
immigrants fare in
eration. This article
and their economic
interaction, attitudes
ssimilated, most do
ceived countries and
bout implications of
als with economical
olicy agenda in many
licies and outcomes at
lleviating the adverse
an integral part of the
migrants as a factor of
ation in many countries
gration process. So the
nd political sphere not
sted in finding the best
rk and remuneration is
nsidered economically
if immigrants socialize
with the issue of how
s. This is of paramount
a fundamental right in
continuing restrictions

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