Management Strategies in Multinational PricewaterhouseCoopers Romania

AuthorNorina Popovici, Camelia Moraru, Roxana Ionita
„Ovidius” University of Cons
„Dimitrie Cantemir” Christia
„Dimitrie Cantemir” Christia
This paper presents an
complex company such as
of globalization.
Due to comple
the desired performance .
In the
the n
etwork size and diversity
management philosophy.
In this
Keywords: resources;
social res
Most organizations seek to devel
organization's strategy, with its m
development and implementatio
Strategic management is the proc
optimize the strategic point of v
This theme
shows a high import
within an organization. There are
managers know the general direct
In today's world, more crowded,
further development. Achieving
developing a comprehensiv
e stra
Globalization an
agement Strategies in M
ricewaterhouseCoopers Romania
ici Norina
, Moraru Camelia
, Ioniță Roxana
, Faculty of Economic Sciences, norinapop
stian University of Constanţa,
, Faculty of Touristic
stian University of Constanţa,
, Faculty of Touristic
and analyzes the key strategies that underpin multinational fi
r underlines the importance of strategy, in the current econom
PriceWaterhouse Coopers.
After a laborious documentation
he main strategic options which ensure the
business developm
plexity of work carried out by Pricewaterho
useCoopers, du
e large number of employees , the need for the strategy is " v
he past 10 years, PriceWaterhouse Coopers turned its global w
ty of services offered. Challenges and opportunities of toda
riceWaterhouse Coopers calls for integrating the concept of s
his context, which s
hapes the economy based on knowledge,
uments such as corporate social responsibility, coaching p
develop, diversify or to survive.
The research of this compa
in Romanian companies, depending on the particular circums
; organizational culture
velop and implement strategies for long
term goals
s mission and objectives of the organization is a st
tion of this strategy,
strategic management has
rocess through which managers formulate and imp
f view of reaching a target, in certain internal and
ortance because of the need for a well
defined pat
are always different ways one can describe a compa
ection of the company they manage, bu
t often, their
ed, the successful implementation of clear strategi
ing the desired vision requires much more than
trategy. It's about prioritizing elements in achieving
and Cultural Diversity
stic and Commercial
stic and Commercial
l firms acting in this
nomic context, for a
ion, theoretical and
pment in the context
d ue to a developed
" vital " for achieve
l work on expanding
oday require a new
f sustainability as a
e, management is a
procces, attracting
pany th
at led to the
als. Presentation
of the
strategic plan. For the
as an important role.
implement strategies to
nd external conditions.
path of future activities
pany's direction. Many
eir vision is not clear.
egies is a key factor in
han targets. It's about
ing success. It is about

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