The Liability Limits for the Minors? Acts and for Persons with Particular Legal Situation Aspects of Comparative Law

AuthorVarvara Coman, Mirela Paula Costache, Dorin Matei
European Integration - Realities and Perspectives
The Liability Limits for the Minors’ Acts and for Persons with Particular Legal
Situation. Aspects of Comparative Law
Varvara Licuţa Coman
, Mirela Paula Costache
, Dorin Matei
Danubius University of Galati, Faculty of Law,
Danubius University of Galati, Faculty of Law,
Danubius University of Galati, Faculty of Law,
Abstract: The normal and balanced evolution of the social life imposes the resp ect of rules of conduct
regarding the rights and interests of all its members. Nobody has the right to violate or to disregard these
rights and, as a result, anyone who comes in conflict with to these rules must be r esponsible for his deeds or,
objectively, has to guarantee and bare cer tain risks. Therefore, the purpose of the present paper is to s tudy, by
examining each and every element, t he objective misdemeanor res ponsibility of the pare nts for the deeds of
their underage children, seen from the perspective of the Civil c ode into force, of the New Civil code as well
as of the French civil legislation.
Keywords: objective civil responsibility; prejudice; guilt
1. Introduction
The transformation of responsibility institution at conceptual level and also in point of its applicability
represents the main effect of the technical-informational explosion that rules the contemporary society.
The consequence of this accelerated evolution of society and, implicitly, of the social comfort that has
been created is the need to provide a severe system of social protection. Thus, aspects concerning the
guarantee of human rights, of a certain social category, of a minority, of the underage and, reaching to
the civil law field, the protection of the prejudiced person are more and more often approached. The
doctrine and jurisprudence have underlined the importance of re-establishing the equilibrium
destroyed by the damage and bringing the victim, on the expense of the responsible person, to the
status before the prejudice. (Malaurie, Aynes, & Stoffel-Munck, 2009, p. 11)
Starting from concrete aspects regarding the p arents’ conceptions about life and society, the way in
which they understood or managed to impose and transmit to their children values with a general and
particular character, in each age there can be noticed a special contribution to establishing those
arguments having a logical-juridical nature that concern the drawing of misdemeanor responsibility of
parents in case their underage child commit a derogatory deed. The XXth century brings to front the
role of family in applying or valorize the principle of the underage superior interest, being marked by
the understanding of the fact that, as a subject of right, it imposes the need of a special protection and
defense system, as a result of his physical and psychic immaturity.
Law no 272/2004 updated
, regarding the protection and promotion of the child’s rights, has a
pronounced social character, highlighting the essential role of preventing the separation of the child
Law no. 272/21 June 2004 was published in Oficial Monitor no. 557 of 06/23/2004, with the last additions of G.D. no.

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