Legal regime of lobby activities. A comparative view

Author:Ovidiu Horia Maican
Position:Bucharest University of Economic
Legal regime of lobby activities. A comparative view
Lecturer Ovidiu-Horia MAICAN1
A very important aspect is that countries with specific rules and regulations
regulating the activities of lobbyists and interest groups are more the exception than the
The interest groups are pursuing their goals in the political arena by lobbying, or
attempting to influence policy-making, are consistent with the spirit of democracy.
In practice, interest group influence can sometimes lead to political corruption,
the inequality of representation, and the overcrowding of political institutions.
As a consequence, some political systems find it appropriate to regulate interest
Keywords: interest groups, lobby, regulation, democracy, political systems
JEL Classification: K30, K40
1. Introduction
Lobbying is a legitimate part of the democratic process in all liberal
democratic systems. Although the term has been associated with negative
connotations, throughout the western world the work of lobbyists is considered
very importan
Lobbying is the act of individuals or groups, each with varying and
specific interests, attempting to influence decisions taken at the political level.
Such groups can be considered the groups with economic interests (such as
corporations), professional interests (such as trade unions or representatives of a
professional society) and civil society interests (such as environmental groups).
These groups want to influence political decisions using many means
The term lobbying can not be separated from the term of interest group.
Groups of interest can be defined as that group of people with common
goals and who try to influence authorities (institutions, powers) government to
achieve these goals.
The lobby is in this sense is one of the most powerful means of expression
of these groups.
1 Ovidiu-Horia Maican – Bucharest University of Economic Studies, Law Department,

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