Interactivity Leadership in a Global Economy

AuthorEcaterina Necsulescu, Gabriela Mironov
Danubius University of Galati,
Danubius University o
: This paper aims to ana
business world, can no longer ig
ences between leadership
different models of leadership
globalized world, begin to cryst
act in a multicultural environm
teamwork, openness to change, i
good relations with people of oth
team, etc
. Foundation skills t
socialization experie
responsibilities and experience
international environment, but
communities, creating a culture
signals"-values and attitudes -
s, global leadership developm
cultural d iversity, but goes furth
Globalization requires many ch
personal and organizational-
organization; leader;
Global Leaders
Although a highly effective lead
people are not always aware that
Looking at different models of le
increasingly globalized world, be
Thus, "global leadership" that
following attributes and skills:
political and socio-
economic life
other cultures, adaptability to new
Globalization an
tivity Leadership in a Global Economy
caterina Necşulescu
, Gabriela Mironov
ati, Department of Economics, necsulescu.ecaterina
ty of Galati, Faculty of Law,
analyze the interaction of leadership more pronounced due to
r ignore the powerful cultural aspects of leadership. In other
ip styles considered acceptable in a national culture or ano
ip and differences between cultural norms, we find that in
ystallize several conve
rging trends. Thus, "global leadership"
ment would be useful following attributes and skills: ch ari
, interest in political and socio
-economic life of other countri
other cultures, adaptability to new situations, ability to wo
s training exceptional global leadership is built from ch
influence cultural patterns, and also are influenced by them.
ce gained in international projects do not create skills f
ut they develop. Consequently, glob
al leaders must cre
re that goes over the differences between people and contains
which can be easily understood by employees from differen
pment program does not focus exclusively on understanding a
rther, making the people realize they need a common organ
changes in the eco
nomy, communication, political structure
ong them such essential processes of cultural convergence an
er; leadership; globalization; manager
adership style in a country, can be extremely inco
at there is any cultural difference.
f leadership and differences between cultural norms
begin to crystallize several converging trends.
at leaders who act in a multicultural environme
s: charisma, aptitude for teamwork,
openness to
life of other countries; ability to retain good relat
ew situations, ability to work in a multicultural team
Cultural Diversity
to globalization, the
her words, there are
another. Looking at
in this increasingly
ip" that leaders who
arisma, aptitude for
es; ability to retain
rk in a multicultural
childhood through
m. Early managerial
s for leadership in
create multicultural
ins certain "guidin g
rent cultural groups.
g and acceptance of
ganizational cult ure.
ures, in all areas of
and diversification.
convenient to another,
ms, we fi
nd that in this
ment would be useful
to change, interest in
lations with people of
eam, etc.

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