Labour Market Performance in the New Member States of the European Union in the Context of the Current Crisis

AuthorAlina Georgeta Ailinca, Adina Criste, Camelia Milea, Iulia Lupu
Labour Market Perform
Union in
Alina Georgeta A
Centre of Financial and M
Centre of Financial and M
Centre of Financial and Mo
Centre of Financial and
The global economic
of which 15.924 million p
especially the long-
term unemp
Keywords: unemployment rate;
1 Introduction
In late 2008 and early 2009, the
one year ago have been fully p
economic and financial crisis afte
from Central and Eastern Europ
strongly the effects of the crisis, t
on the grounds of dramatic inter
society confidence. In this contex
real GDP (except Poland), with
these countries’ labour market.
In the period preceding the onset
NMS, the labour market has regis
Performance and Risks in the
ormance in the New Member States of
n in the Context of the Current Crisis
, Adina Criste
, Camelia Milea
, Iulia
nd Monetary Research "Victor Slăvescu",
d Monetary Research "Victor Slăvescu", cristeadina
onetary Research "Victor Slăvescu", camigheorgh
nd Monetary Research "Victor Slăvescu", iu
ic and financial crisis has generated a series of adjustments
especially in terms of real economies developments. One
lopment, especially in this per
iod, is the labour market. Referr
bal, regional and local levels appear extremely negative. T
roximately 23.248 million men and women were unemploy
people in the euro area, according to Eurostat. At the end of
and in the euro area it reached no less than 10%. Lately, in th
e temporary improvem
ents, from month to month, the situation
ew jobs. In this context, the paper aims to capture, through
mber States (NMS) labour market, before an d after the emerge
plications of the crisis on the labour market are the increase o
mployment, and the more difficult recovery of the NMS
employment rate; public policy;
Central and Eastern Europe
he international effects of the turmoil unleashed fro
y perceived
on every continent, turning into the
fter the Great Depression. Being in a catching
up p
rope, generally with large external and fiscal
s, through a sudden process of consumption and inv
ternal and external liquidity shrinkage and of the c
text, almost
all new EU member states registered
th serious implications on the economy as a whol
set and the manifestation of global fin
ancial and ec
gistered, as the entire economy, an expanding phen
the European Economy
of the European
ia Lupu
ts both in terms of
e field with major
erring to the labour
. Thus, only in the
loyed in Nove mber
of 2010, the EU27
the labour market,
tion remains critical
h a case study, the
of the crisis.
e of unemployment,
S labour market,
pean Countries
from the United States
the worst international
p process, the countries
budgetary deficits,
investment contraction,
e collapse of the entire
ed dramatic declines of
hole, and especially on
economic crisis, in all
enomenon and even an

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