Tourism as a key tool for sustainable development - an analysis from the perspective of the European context

AuthorMara Ursache
PositionCentre for European Studies, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi, Romania
Tourism as a Key T
from the
Worldwide promoting su
because it emphasis the qualitative
development, prosperity, well-
Using a qualitative anal ysis, the aim
development proc ess, from the view
umerous means in which tourism ca
to better comprehension of the p oten
sustainable evolution of the Europea
sustainable development
JEL Classification:
O1; O52; Q01;
Sustainable Development
Currently, humanity is characterized
results in some areas (amazing techn
etc.) and simultaneously serious cri
amplifying and question the sustaina
Europe is going through a period o
and social progress and highlighted
Union must now handle its own fut
life in conditions that favor this aspe
Sustainable development has becom
economic and political environment
current trends pleaded, sometime e
another of the phenomenon. These t
future development of society
importance the three major dimensio
The notion of sustainable develop
development and aims to achieve a
generations. Consequently sustainab
a dynamic concept that recognizes th
Centre for Eur opean Studies, Alexandru I
Tel.: +4 0232 201 030. Corresponding autho
Performance and Risks in the Eu
y Tool
for Sustainable Development –
he Perspective of the European Context
Mara Ursache
sustainable development became the bigg est challenge in rec
ive side of a society’s growth model. Tourism is a s ignifican
ing and for promoting sust aina
ble development in t he Europea
im of this article is to examine the importance of tourism in the s
iewpoint of the European context. The two a re strongly connect
can contribute to the development of a tourist destination. This s
tential contribution which sustainable practices of tourism can h
ean U
ent; tourism; European Union
1; Q5
the Biggest Challenge in Recent Years
ized by multiple conflicting elements: development a
chnological and medical progress, high
speed spread o
crisis (poverty, hunger, crime, environmental crisis, e
of these achievements.
of transformation. The global crisis suppressed year
ted the structural weaknesses in Europe's economy.
and what must be considered is related to the n
pect long term.
come an extremely important topic both for scholar
ent. Concerns a
bout this theme are not recent, but unf
e excessive, for the description and analysis of onl
e trends are harmful because only reporting to the who
ty needing a stability point that considers on the
sions of human development: environmental, social an
lopment refers to a process that involves changes,
e and support improvement in quality of life for pres
able development is less a purs
uit for a stable equilibr
s that change is a certain fact in human societies.
u Ioan Cuza
University of Iasi, Romania.
Address: 11 Carol I Blv
opean Economy
an Analysis
recent years,
ant tool for
pean Union.
e sustainable
ected b y the
s study leads
have t o the
t and sp
d of information,
, etc.) which are
ears of economic
y. The European
e need to sustain
lars and for the
unfortunately the
only one side or
hole is relevant,
e same level of
and economic.
es, progress and
resent and future
librium but rather
Blvd, Iasi, Romania.

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