January 2015 - june 2015

2 January 2015 – June 2015
JANUARY 2015 – JUNE 2015
On February 10th, 2015, the Legal Research Institute “Acad. Andrei Rdulescu”
of the Romanian Academy, in collaboration with the Union of Jurists of Romania,
has commemorated prof. Constatin Bosianu (1815 -1882), founding personality of
the Romanian legal culture, high legal education and science of law.
Held in the Aula of the Academy, the event gathered high representatives of
all legal professions and fields of law, including academics, law enforcement and
public authorities. As a scope of research and action of C. Bosianu extends from the
practice of law, as attorney, to law professor and creator of law – being one of the
main authors of the Romanian Civil code of 1864 – he is considered to be, along
with other prominent individuals of his generation, one of the founders of the
modern Romanian state.
On April 12th, 2015, the Legal Research Institute “Acad. Andrei Rdulescu” of
the Romanian Academy, the “Titu Maiorescu” University of Bucharest and the
Union of Jurists of Romania, have launched, the national research program
Enciclopedia Juridic Român – Romanian Legal Encyclopedia. Proposed as a joint effort
of all professional, scientific and academic bodies in the field of law, this
encyclopedia is both an alphabetically ordered dictionary of legal terms, but also a
statement of the Romanian legal culture and doctrine, as consolidated in the past
150 years.
According to the initiators of this project, Romanian law find itself today in a
vital turning point, generated mostly by the adoption of the new codes – civil and
civil procedure, criminal and criminal procedure – the legal doctrine needs new
scientific landmarks in its development. Therefore, a systematization of a
centuries-old scientific and pragmatic tradition can prove to be a most useful tool
to the creation and establishment of a new legal order, from the European
perspective and the current globalization phenomenon.
By reuniting legal specialists, both academics and practitioners, this national
effort of offering a structured vision of Romanian law is to be qualified also as a
tribute to the 100 years that have passed since the Unification of all Romanian
territories in one state – 1918.
Law Review vol. I, issue 1, Januar
-June 2015, p. 2-3
JANUARY 2015 – JUNE 2015 3
On April 24th, 2015, the Romanian Parliament served as host to the national
conference debate “Justice’s Role in the System of State Powers”, organized by the
Association of Romanina Magistrates, the Legal, Discipline and Immunities
Commission of the Chamber of Deputies, the Union of Justice of Romanian –
“Dreptul” Publishing and the Legal Research Institute “Acad. Andrei Rdulescu of
the Romanian Academy”. The scientific event focused mainly on the manners in
which justice functions according to the principle of separation and balance of
powers in the state, in the context of a democratic constitutional system.
Apart from the chairman of the conference, Prof. univ. dr. Ovidiu Predescu,
director of the “Dreptul” Publishings, the other speakers, all judges of different
grades of jurisdiction, were namely: Andreea Ciuc, Florin Encescu, Amelia
Farmathy, Elena Hach, Alina Macavei, Dan Constantin Mâ, Aida Rodica Popa,
and German judge Dieter Schlafen, honorary member of the Association of
Romanian Magistrates.