The Current Situation in Romania and the Role of Asylum Within the Institutional Mechanism for the Migration Phenomenon Management

AuthorMadalina Cocosatu
PositionNational School of Political Studies and Public Administration
The Current Situation
Institutional Mechani
National School of Political
The paper aims to ana
of the migration phenomenon,
immigration and asylum policie
ysis of the procedure for gr
The methodology chosen and th
European and national Institution
Keywords: refugee, asylum
, tran
1. Introduction
The amplification of the coope
different periods of time on the te
According to article
13 of the U
December 10
, 1948, “Everyone
borders of each State”. Also, i
“Everyone has the right to leave a
According to the estimates of th
185 million migrants at the leve
leaving their state of origin,
in s
oppression in the country where t
The concept of migration is def
which has as finality the tempor
of origin”
According to the World Migration Rep
for Migration,;
Marian Chiriac, Monica Robotin “
România”/ "The strangers around us -
2006, within the program „Minority Righ
ion in Romania and the Role of Asylum
anism for the Migration Phenomenon M
Mădălina Cocoşatu
cal Studies and Public Administration, madacocosa
nalyze in an inter
disciplinary manner the tendencies and caus
n, as well as the measures taken at the level of
cies, which have lead to the de
crease of the number of imm
granting the statute of
asylum represents
an important objec
the selected legal documents enabled some form of underst
ions perceive the concept of asylum and its problematic.
ransit, procedur
peration between the states and of international
e fluctuation of persons, citizens of different sta
territories of other states.
Universal Declaration of Human Rights, proclaim
one has the right to freedom of movement and r
, in the second paragraph of the same article, i
e any country, including his own, and to
return to h
the International Organization for Migration
, ther
vel of the entire world. However, the majority ar
n search for a better life or attempting to escape
e they were living.
defined as “a person’s mobility across the border
ary or permanent settlement on the territory of a
Report 2005: Costs and Benefits of International Migration, I
Necunoscuţii de lânga noi
Rezidenţi, refugiaţi, solicitanţi d
residents, refugees, asylum seekers, illegal migrants in Roma
Rights in Practice in South Eastern Europe”;
Legal Sciences
lum Within the
n Management
auses of the increase
regarding the
. Also, the
jective of the paper
rstanding as to how
nal collaboration have
states thus settling for
laimed and adopted on
d residence within the
, it is mentioned that
o his country”.
here are approximately
are in the situation of
pe physical or political
ers of states, mobility
a state, other than that
, International Organisation
ţi de azil, migranţi ilegal în
– report executed in

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