Analphabetism in the 21st Century and its Legal Consequences

AuthorMarius Vacarelu
PositionNational School of Political Studies and Public Administration, Faculty of Public Administration
European Integration -
National School of Political Stu
Every day we must no
we can describe the human life
informed, and the others cannot
difference is created by the mod
skills, but there is, somehow, a re
new vocabulary, the ne w ideas o
the same time, we must note that
trying to
adapt to the modern pro
technologies. However, they liv
reports. They are subjects of an
question: can be a real gap betw
And, in this case, it might be po
opinion, next years might b e abl
now –
an answer: the humanity o
The specialists
of law cannot stay
our opinion, this direction is imp
Keywords: analphabetism;
1. The Consequences of Tech
Every day we face a situation: yo
opposing it in a way different p
although all people have were bo
and constitutional one) with equa
and the consequences of these dif
What we want to mention here ar
aspect of the ideas we are trying
Thus, the main idea is related to t
mankind: inventing the first car;
lities and Perspectives
nalphabetism in the 21
and its Legal Consequences
Marius Văcărelu
Studies and Public Administration, Faculty of Publ
note the main differences between well educated people and
ife like a continuous struggle between the pretensions: few p
ot fulfill the same lev
But these words are less important as
odernization of the technology. In this case, population is for
a real disproportion between the result: not everyone i
s able to
s of work and the new instruments of working, as computer o
hat large categories of population, despite of free access to the
provocations: more than that, they are not able to understand
live as normal persons, make juridical act and represent sub
any branch of law,
as the constitutions allowed.
But this dif
etween th e ability to understand public or private law and i
possible to imagine some distinction between these kinds o
ble to introduce this subject on public debate agenda, and we
y of today is quite strange, and from this part of life surprises
stay in former reality; they must imagine new provocations and
mportant for next years, and our text will try to find an answer
nctional analphabetism
; juridical re-dimension of society;
chnological Modernization
- General Issues
: you have to endure, to analyze and consider action
t people: different primarily through their intelle
- in theory (in t
erms of rights conferred by th
ual opportunity, the differences between them are d
differences are not always positive.
e are
not the words themselves, but rather the conse
ing to express here, in coherent, understandable a
to the technological modernization of the last 15
0 y
ar; airplane, rocket and finally the computer.
ublic Administration,
nd less ones. In fact,
people are to well
as conversation; the
forced to learn new
to learn well all the
r or many ot hers.
he education are not
d new ideas or new
subject for juridical
difference creates a
d its consequences?
f persons?
In our
we must find
– from
es are always ready.
and new answers. In
er for that.
ew legal order
tions, ideas and actions
llectual capacities, for
the organic legislature
e difficult to overcome,
nsequences of the legal
e and easily to analyze
years that has brought
er time, human society

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