The Importance of Structural and Cohesion Funds on Regional Development in Romania

AuthorManuela Panaitescu
PositionSenior Lecturer, PhD, Danubius University of Galati, Faculty of Economic Sciences, Romania
The Importance of S
Abstract: Objectives
: the financing
cohesion from structural and cohes
benefits on the developm ent of Rom
“European Programs and Projects M
analysis of the legal framew ork and
on Romania; Results:
While during
Romania had been made after the
national authorities ready for the re
policy and coordination of structural
do not yet have the a dequate capacit
in terms of costs.
: economic integration; in
JEL Classification: F15; F36; F55
1. Introduction
Goals of Regional Developme
basic objectives of the regional d
Senior Lecturer, PhD, Danubius Universit
Galati, Romania. Tel.: +40372361102, f
ax. +
Performance and Risks in the Eu
f Structural and Cohesion Funds on Regi
Development in Romania
Manuela Panaitescu
ing of regional policy and, in general terms, of the economic a
hesion funds is important due to its results, with regard to cost
Prior Work: this work con
tinues prior research carried o
Management” MA thesis;
: the pr imary methods used
nd other official European documents and the observation of their
ng the pre
accession period the financial instruments created by t
he model of structural and cohesion funds, precisely in order
reality implied by its membershi
p, the EU c ommon position on
ral instruments and documents further stated that the Romanian a
city to manage the structural instruments, which obviously has im
international institutional arrangements;
economic development
t aiming at stimulating and diversifying economic act
curbing unemployment and, last but not least, leading
nal Development and Public Administration (MDRA
d of re
gional development, as well as in other areas w
paration, coordination, monitoring and oversight of us
n Union for the programmes in its area of responsibility
ment Policy
in Romania is to level the major economic, social
an countries, contributing to fulfilling the objectives o
gional policy are:
developing the enterprises, the labor
ing technologies, developing the SMEs sector, i
nvironment, the rural environment, healthcare, educatio
al development policy are:
sity of Galati, Faculty of Economic Sciences, Romania
x. +40372361290
Corresponding author: manuelapanaitescu@uni
opean Economy
ic and social
osts and net
d out for t he
sed were the
eir influence
y the EU f or
r to get the
on regional
n authorities
ivity, fostering
g to better living
AP) implements
within its scope.
f using the grants
ial and territorial
s of the strategy.
bor force market,
, improving the
ation and culture.
ress: 3 Galati Blvd.,

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