The Importance of Probation under the Current Circumstances

AuthorMinodora-Ioana Balan-Rusu
PositionLegal Counselor S.C. SOTIREX S.R.L.
Legal Counselor S
Implemented in our le
probation system has been deve
Thus, under the current circums
rehabilitating the person sentenc
the measures and obligations im
the service are those of monitorin
performs other activities almos
sentences. Among the core value
the European Union are: respec
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supporting and encouraging perm
of law and to obey the rules of s
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making them compatible with th
between these institutions at Euro
Keywords: probation; Crimi
1. Introduction
We believe
Criminal Code of Charles II, whic
Thus, article 50 states
that along
supervision of the Minister of Ju
prisoners and the fulfillment of
by local courts’ magistrates.
Although inspired by the Italian C
text, noted that it
does not have
the tendency of modern criminal
the sentence
, in order not to recur
At the same time note that in
suspending the
execution of sent
The Importance of Probation
nder the Current Circumstances
Minodora-Ioana Balan-Rusu
r S.C. SOTIREX S.R.L. Bacău, oana_rusu86@yaho
r legislation with the entry into force of the Criminal Code of
veloped continuously, increasing its importance from one st
mstances, the probation se
rvice has a crucial role in the com
enced to a deprivation of liberty sentence through community
imposed by the court to the co nvicted.
Although the most im
ring sanctions and of measures ordered by the court, however
ost equally important in the stage of trial and of executio
lues of
probation that were imposed in recent years both in our
pect for person s, reconciliation between offenders and the c
imination in the community of persons who have committed
ermanently these individuals to form a correct attitude toward
f social life. The research of the legal rules that govern the pr
tcomings as well, which should be corrected, the ultimate goa
the EU norms, especially in the cooperating area which mu
uropean level.
al Code of Charles II
; deprivation of liberty
the probation system was implemented with the en
hich provided a series of specific rules.
ong with
every court it will
operate a patronage
Justice, assisted by a central board for social recl
the legal attributions
to minors. These co
n Criminal Code, the doctrine of th
time, referrin
an identical corresponding text in the foreign
al science
to help the reclassification of the
(Rătescu et al., 1937, p. 234).
the art
icle 65-69 of the same Code it
is regulat
entence, for three years
plus the duration of the se
Legal Sciences
of Charles II, the
stage to a nother.
mplex activity of
ity supervision of
important ta
sks of
er, this institution
ution of custodial
our country and in
e communities to
cri minal acts,
rds work, the rule
probation service
goal being that of
must be achieved
entry into force of the
company, under the
reclassification of
e companies will be led
ring to the ori
gin of the
codes. It is inspired by
vict, after the
the institution of
in case of a

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