The Implications of the Modernization of International Transactions: INCOTERMS 2010

AuthorSimona Petrina Gavrila, Angelica Rosu
The Im
“Dunărea de Jos” Univers
ubius” Univ
Over time, in the glob
particularly in relation to how
commercial practices in internati
the auspices of the International
was the result of laborious work
the occasion of the first Congress
in 1920. The significant develop
Chamber of Commerce of
a new
January 2011. Since the last revi
current review to consider issues
replace paper documents with th
the parties and reduce the risk of
1. Introduction
The negotiation and conclusion
complexity of issues related to th
sound knowledge of the techn
international settlements, of ex
calculations and more. In this con
terms, at a certain moment, bo
relationships between them are
being spec
ifically agreed and oth
the international trade.
(Rules and
In the practice of foreign trade we
The usages complete the contract
the negotiations between the con
Among general practices,
Globalization an
Implications of the Modernization of
tional Transactions: INCOTERMS 201
imona Petrina Gavrila
, Angelica Rosu
ersity of Galati, Faculty of Juridical, Social and Pol
niversity Galaţi, Faculty of Law,
lobal trade relation s were formed a few types of individual in
ow the obligations of the parties are defined. Collection
ational sale of goods
found their first expression in a coded fo
nal Chamber o f Commerce in P aris as Trade Terms
Trade T
rk of several trading experts, assembling in a Special Committ
ess of the International Chamber of Commerce, whose works w
lopment of international trade determined the elaboration by
ew set of codified practices, known as Incoterms 2010, which
eview in 2000, there have been many changes in global trade,
es related to development of techniqu
es used to secure the loa
the electronic ones. The new terms of delivery clearly define
of legal complications.
he seller’s obligati
ons; the buyer’s obligations; legal implicatio
ion of foreign trade contract of sale
purchase of
the orientation and guiding of the parties involved,
hnique of negotiations, legislation and practice
expedition and customs international insuranc
context, choice and incl
usion in the trade contracts o
both the seller and the buyer, presents a particu
re governed by all the terms stipulated in the con
others chosen from among those used in current pr
and commercial usage, 2001)
were settled habits of a normative nature on the con
act between the parties and have a special significan
ontracting parties and accelerate the conclusion of
s, the most import
ant for the international trade ar
and Cultural Diversity
Political Sciences,,
l international sales,
n and collation of
form in 1936 under
e Terms. The paper
, constituted on
ks were held in Paris
by the International
ich applied from 1
de, which makes the
load and the need to
ne the obligations of
of goods has a great
ed, for which
requires a
ices in foreign trade,
ance, the profitability
ts of the most favorable
ticular importance, the
ontract, some of them
practice, integrated, of
conclusion of contract
cance because facilitate
of contracts. (Ciobanu,
are those that relate to

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