Human Resource Investment - a Step in the Development of Public Administration

AuthorLuminita Iordache
European Integration - Realities and Perspectives. Proceedings 2015
Human Resource Investment a Step
in the Development of Public Administration
Luminita Iordache1
Abstract: Human capital development supposes important investments in the field of public administration
and the assurance of the necessary conditions to provide some qualityservices. This paper has as a starting
point the statement of the German sociologist Max Weber according to which “a modern society can function
efficiently by training and perfecting the experts within a bureaucracy.” Modern societies put into evidence
new values of public administration such social responsibility and adaptability. By specializing human
resources, we contribute to using them efficiently. The purpose of this paper is to analyse the degree of
involvement of the public institutions in developing human capital and to focus on the role of the education of
public administration in order to internally increase stability so that we resist the frequent changes which
suppose the continuous adjustment to external conditions. Our aim is also to analyse the already-i mplemented
programmes as well as the ongoing ones concerning the training and perfecting of the public servants.
Keywords: perfecting public servants, adaptability, informational society.
1. Introduction
According to the literature in the field, “the efficiency of the public administration depends on the
human quality and the technical capacity of the people that frame it”. The quality of the administration
is obtained only as a result of the continuous training and development of the professional training of
the public administration personnel.
The administrative system must cope more and more every day, with the challenges of the social
environment, and this fact can be achieved through ensuring the proper terms of function of the
administrative mechanisms (Moinescu, 2009). The public administration has a series of resources,
through which, can ensure a high level of achievement of the goals of the administrative structures.
The main resources of the public administration are: human resources, financial resources, material
resources and informational resources.
Although, all these resources are important, it is known that the value of the public administration
consists of the human potential in the way in which the services are provided and in the behaviour of
the civil servants. Broadly, the achievement of the political decision making, the socio-economic
progress depend on the public administration, which makes the problems regarding the training and
development of the personnel in this field, very important.
1 PhD Student, National School of Political Studies and Public Administration, Romania, Address: 6, Povernei Str., District
1, Bucharest, Romania, Tel.: +40021318.08.97, Corresponding author:

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