Corporate Governance And International Financial Reporting Reference (Ifrs)

AuthorGheorghe Lepadatu, Ancuta Geanina Oprea
Christian University “Dimitrie
Christian University “Dimitrie
: Between corporate go
on managerial accountability. Co
become more efficient through
legal framework. This branch
executives to benefit the compa
global nature of the current cri
financial reporting and, implicitl
ensure the economic and finan
crisis, but the analysis made b
important are the corporate gov
We consider that these are reas
regulatory process but also of
behavior both of t
he entities man
involved in the correctness of the
Keywords: financial reporting
General Issues Concerning
The concept of corporate governa
Kingdom of
Great Britain. It is a
If in 1970, Milton Friedman's
dividends paid to shareholders i
conceptions changed.
At presen
it operates, she became a
obligations. IFR
S have a key rol
known concept in Romani
controlled (corporate governanc
Performance and
Risks in the
orate Governance
and International
nancial Reporting
Reference (Ifrs)
eorghe Lepadatu
, Opre Ancuta Gianina
trie Cantemir” Bucharest
Faculty of Finances, Ban
rie Cantemir” Bucharest
, Faculty of
Legal and Adm
governance and IFRS there is a causal relationsh ip. Financial r
Corporate governance is the economic branch who studies ho
gh the use of institutio
nal structures such as: incorporation,
h is limited, in most cases, to studies on how sharehold
pany through their efforts, resulting
- finally -
dividends. S
crisis, we have considered as being necessary to p oint out
itly, on the requirements for the corporate governance consoli
cial stability desired. The macro-
economic context favored
by experts showed other reasons for this, out of which s
overnance wea knesses and the insufficient means f
or protect
easons which ask for an objective analysis and a correct a
of the practice in the area corroborated with an invitation
anagement but also of the representatives of the accounting pr
the accounting reporting and therefore in the financial health o
corporate governance; internal control;
accounting confor
ing the Financial Reporting and the Corpora
rnance emerged in 1992 as a result of the Cadbury
s a discussion of the concept of
social responsibil
heory of stock-holder”
believed that maximize fi
s is the greater social
responsibility of a compan
ent it is considered that a company belongs
„citizen of the community”
to which he has som
role in completing the corporate governing. Corpo
ania. It describes all the rules by which a compa
ance is defined as a relationship management
the European Economy
anks and Accounting
dministrative Science,
al reporting is based
how companies can
n, organization and
lders can motivate
s. Starting f
rom the
ut its effects on the
olidation in order to
red the start of the
some of t he most
ection against risks.
t assessment of the
n for a respo nsible
profession so much
h of the entities.
; accounting
orate Governance
ry Report in the United
bility of
the company”.
financial results of the
, subsequently the
to the community
ome rights and a lot of
rporate governance is a
pany is managed and
of a company with

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