Forms of Pamphlet Discourse in the Romanian Media during the Interwar Period

AuthorFanel Teodorascu
European Integration - Realities and Perspectives. Proceedings 2015
Interdisciplinary Dimensions of Communication Science
Forms of Pamphlet Discourse in the
Romanian Media during the Interwar Period
Fănel Teodoraşcu1
Abstract: The interwar period is characterized by a veritable explosion of pamphlet, not only in the
journalistic or literary texts, but also in the theoretical con cerns. Approached by many journalists, as well as
important representatives of literature, the pamphl et has undergone true theoretical debates regarding its
condition. We will not allocate a very large space for the th eoretical issues, as this has already been done by
other authors. Our theoretical approach is required for understanding the functioning of the pamphlet.
Keywords: pamphlet; journalism; speech; blackmail; rhetoric
1. Theoretical Benchmarks
Despite the fact that it had, in various forms, an intense movement since antiquity, the pamphlet earns
its fame in the West, particularly in France of the 17th century and the beginning of the 18th century,
  Provincial Letters, and
Epistle to Uraniaion of the
pamphlet manifests only in the 19th century. At its inception, the pamphlet was designated as small
writings, circulating under the form of leaflets. More exactly, the pamphlet was a booklet, brochure,
containing no less than 5 pages and no more than 48, according to some sources, or 96, according to
others. Literary terminology dictionary states that pamphlet is characterized by verbal violence. The
same source indicates that the pamphlet does not explain or demonstrate, it only accuses, and its value
is given by the strength of conviction and by the passionate temperament. According to Cornel
Munteanu, the pamphlet, before existing in the written literature, stated and circulated in oral and
anonymous form. The adequate terms for the pamphlet for that stage of its creation are: Hand-held
papering (palme-feuillet), booklet (libel), mazarinade, pasquil. This form of manifestation answered to
wide p
Regarding the origin of the term pamphlet, the situation is not very clear. There are two hypotheses on
this matter. In the first case, the term pamphlet forms as a result of the alteration of the surname of a
Latin comedy XII century, Pamphilus seu de Amore / Pamphilus or about love, the transition from
1          Address:
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