Firm Model Design From The Perspective Of Sustainable Circular Economy Paradigm

AuthorFlorin Razvan Balasescu
Green Economy and Sustainable Development
Green Economy and Sustainable Development
Firm Model Design from the Perspective of Sustainable Circular Economy
Florin-Răzvan Bălășescu1
Abstract: As well known the sustainable circular economy is a regenerative oriented paradigm for
transforming the waste into a valuable resource. In this framework, the business model appears in the form of
an network architecture design that relates product, service and information flows, various business actors and
their roles directed to potential benefits and value meanings, taking into account the technology-push, market-
pull and regulatory innovative drivers and the linear and non- linear approaches to emphasize the importance
of the connections between intentions and consequences as well as the complexity of social relationships
between firm, consumers, investors and public authorities.
Keywords: Sustainable Development; Circular Economy; Business Model Design
1. Introduction- The Perspective of Sustainable Circular Economy Paradigm
As well known, the sustainable development paradigm is related to the socio economic relationships
determinism between natural environment, society and economy, meaning on one hand freedom and
action on marketplace and its consequences (utility, efficiency profit but also greedy and
environmental pollution) and on the other hand the social institutional construction defining the
complex dynamics of human society system.
Thus, taking into account the Brundtland, Rio and Kyoto international conference documents,
sustainable development requires a process of learning design based on a linear cost benefit as well as
on a nonlinear multidisciplinary models at different society levels public authorities and economic
In the same time, from the perspective of some classical writers such as Georges Bataille, Kenneth E.
Boulding, M. Braungart and W. Mc Donough the recent literature inspired by the Ellen Macarthur
Foundation publications ,circular economy is an economic regeneration oriented paradigm for
transforming the different categories of wastes(material, managerial, socio educational and spiritual)
into a valuable resource taking into account three main characteristics- circularity, cascade effects, and
the ideal of zero sum society. This is emphasized both through so called the Bio-Based Heliocentric
1Research worker, National Institute of Economic Research Research Center of Financial and Monetary Research Problems
“Victor Slăvescu”, Romania, Address: Calea 13 Septembrie nr. 13, Casa Academiei, B Building, 5th Floor, District 5,
Bucharest 050711, Romania, Tel.: +40.21.318.24.19, Fax: +40.21.318.24.19, Corresponding author:

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