Export Products and Services Quality Management

AuthorConstanta Aurelia Chitiba
PositionChristian University 'Dimitrie Cantemir', International Economic Relations Faculty
Export Prod
Christian University „Di
Quality b ecame the m
success in the future. We often s
activity, from the motor vehicles
the products and services we im
focused on the customer. Satisfy
and their needs are ch anging
international trade, no exporting
climate calls for export marketin
products and services, rather asso
Keywords: quality;
1. Introduction
In recent times profou
nd chan
internaţional trade has been goin
from start to finish in a single cou
production to the other from coun
Furthermore, advances in informa
and not only large sized compani
even those with few employees
forming joint ventur
es, exporting
market place. In addition, the ass
servicing, as a totality, has emer
around the world use quality man
their operations as well as for the
reason for a company to adopt a q
which may make it necessary for
2. Export Products and Servi
A product -
from a series of processes transf
Globalization an
oducts and Services Quality Managem
Constanta Aurelia Chiţiba
Dimitrie Cantemir”, International Economic Relati
e management imperative in the last time and will continue
n see the words “quality first”, and demands for quality invad
les we drive, to the d
omestic appliances we use, the food we e
import and export. Quality represents the goal of every b
isfying the requirements of the customer is a dynamic activity
g continuous and the suppliers have to recognize this. W
ng country can afford to compromise on quality. The current
ting a
nd promotion efforts with assurances of superior and con
ssociated with lower prices.
; foreign trade; efficiency; customer satisfaction
anges have taken place in exporting and impo
oing on for hundreds of years. Few products are
country, and products obtain value added as they pa
untry to country (Chiţiba, 2010).
rmation and transportation technology have pushed
anies, but also many SMEs in both developing and
ees, have gone global, with business interests in
ting products and serv
ices under competitive strat
e of quality in design, production, performa
erged as an important aspect of international, trad
anagement systems and total quality management a
their relationships with trading partners (WTO, 20
a quality management system may arise from comp
or it to focus
on quality at the expense of profit mar
rvices Quality
dware, software, processed materials or assemblies
nsforming inputs into outputs. Many factors influe
and Cultural Diversity
lations Faculty,
ue to be the key to
ade every sphere of
e eat and, of course,
y business an d it is
vity: b
oth customers
When it comes to
ent global economic
consistent quality in
porting, even though
re produced nowadays
pass from
one stage of
ed the global economy,
developed countries,
in multiple countries,
trategies for the global
mance, installation and
rade. Many enterprises
t as a basis
for running
2010). The compelling
mpetitive requirements
ies or a service
- results
luence product quality:

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