The Role of Media in Everyday Life of Young People. Information vs. Entertainment

AuthorOana Draganescu
PositionAssistant Professor, PhD in progress, Marketing Centre, Danubius University of Galati, Romania
European Integration -
Realities a
The Role of Med
The hypothesis from whic
their time consuming media pr
the expense of information. Thus, w
young people, starting f rom a few fo
often?; What type of media channe
purpose of this research is to highlig
to satisfy the need for catharsis or the
: information function; the
1. Introduction
form and ref
lect. Media representatio
construction of audience members.
and cultural pa
tterns, so that in this
Assistant Professor, PhD in progress, Mar
es and Perspectives
edia in Everyday Life of Young People.
formation vs. Entertainment
na Adina Pocovnicu (Dr
hich we start our research forward is that the more young people
a products, the more they will prefer to turn to the sphere of enterta
, we intend to bring to attention the preferences of media consu
founding in
terrogations: What kind of media messages you cons
nnel you usually prefer to get information about the latest eve
light young audience preferences f or different types of inf
the practical ones, of immediate utility.
the function of entertainment; mass communication
ping force much stronger th
an the surrounding realit
certain lifestyles, personal images, allowed or prohib
ia space absorbs more and more scenes of collective
ations are recognized, interpreted, edited and used in e
even the most insignificant information requires
word “it was the first technology that has allow
cLuhan, 2006, p.
398). In contact with audiovisual
easier the messages, turn them into cultural concepti
e experiences that they have witnessed such a way
s and solidarities in a huge, global scale.“ (Coman, 200
ible the existence of super t
echnologized networks that
erent categories, from news to entertainment, inform
ss audiences who belong to different cultures, with va
his global village, people get to consume the same cu
audiences can be exploited.
arketing Centre, Danubius University of Galati,
0466, Corresponding author: draganescu.oana@univ
le choose to
ertainment at
sumption of
nsume most
events?; The
tion, such as
ality; it grows or
hibited behaviour
ive life that they
n everyday social
es an appeal to
lowed man to get
ual products, for
ptions about th
ay as to create a
007, p
. 185)
hat produce huge
ormation that is
various lifestyles
cultural products
dress: 3 Ga lati Blvd,

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