The European Legislation and Protection of Trademarks in Romania

AuthorCodruta Stefania Jucan
The European Legisla
„Dimitrie Cantemir” Christian U
Abstract: Objective:
The presen
have been made to the Romanian
with the European Trademark L
from abroad and only the last ye
paper was put together using a
ation, court cases to papers
indicates a way of h armonizing
future directions of Trademark L
studies research area, offering
naturalization in the legal syste
understanding the problems and
Intellectual Property Rights in th
trademark; European
1. Romania – A Stat
e Integra
We could begin this presentation
the III-
characters, Caţavencu: “I do not
Romania and only of Romania...”
We should now ask ourselves if
interpreted the same way
legislative modifications on its le
Fortunately, Romania is faced wi
of the European Union, our cou
initiatives for changing juridical
regarding the measure of their act
is the case for all the juridi
relate to both the different Euro
changes that the European society
islation and Protection of Trademarks
Codruţa Ştefania Jucan
an University, Faculty of Law Cluj
sent paper aims at producing a brief account and analysis of
ian Trademark Law during the last few years in order to achie
Prior Work: The subject is being
researched especial
years brought new investigations from the Romanians.
a synthesis and analytical approach, taking in account differ
ers that have been written about the subject.
The re
ng the internal legislation o f Romania with that of th e E.U o
k Law.
The present study does its part in the int
ng a better view on the problems regarding the tradem
stems of the member states.
Value: The study at hand
is o
and challenges in the harmonization of legal concepts using
the U.E.
ean Union; internal law; legal harmonization
grated in the E.U., Internal Juridical Efforts
ion by not citing a jurist but a Romanian writer, I.
Lost Letter” (1884) relayed the following message
ot want, dear sir, to know of your Europe, I want
if this line that has been written more than 100 y
day, from the perspective of Romania’s evolut
legal stage.
with a situation in which, willing or not, it must „k
countries’ co
mmitments making certain legislativ
al norms mandatory, even if at the moment there
actuality or dynamics without the present European
idical domains or branches of law that are now fo
ropean legal background (depending on the case)
iety goes through, in the European
legal environmen
Legal Sciences
ks in Romania
of the changes that
hieve harmonization
ially by the authors
The present
fferent sources from
result of this study
on the subject an d
intellectual property
emark law and its
is of great value in
ing the example of
I. L. Caragiale, who in
age through one of his
nt to know only of my
years ago can still be
lution and continuous
„know of” Europe and
tive modifications and
ere is some uncertainty
an legal frame.
forced to permanently
se) and the permanent
ent (Evans, 2008).

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