Etiological Aspects of Human Trafficking in Kosovo

AuthorEmine Abdyli
PositionTeaching Assistant, PhD Candidate, Department of Criminal Law, Faculty of Law, University of Pristina, Kosovo
Etiological Aspects of Human Trafficking
in Kosovo
Abstract: Human trafficking is considered one of the most serious criminal offences, which is
presented as a contemporary form of slavery and which implies the most brutal violation of basic human
rights, which are guaranteed by international and law and national law. The phenomenon of human
trafficking is present in many countries in transition (such as Kosovo), namely in those countries which
were affected by internal political, economic, social, educational, etc. changes, and in such situations
the perpetrators of this offense are in a very favorable position to victimize society. Therefore, this
paper will focus on external criminogenic factors that influence the growth of this negative
phenomenon, including the difficult economic situation, poverty and unemployment, poor housing,
migration of people, domestic violence, the impact of mass media in society, lack of border control and
insufficient effectiveness of institutions to deal with law enforcement. The paper is b ased on literature
review, statistical data and interviews by treating the subject theoretically, legislatively and
practically. To successfully fight against human trafficking, relevant authorities should more closely
approach the etiological treatment of this negative phenomenon.
Keywords: human trafficking; criminal offense; victim; offender; criminogenic factors
1. Introduction
Human trafficking is a sensitive criminal phenomenon which requires a cautious
approach in both aspects, psychologically as well as socially, given that basic human
rights, dignity and integrity are violated. Human trafficking has now become a global
phenomenon, and also not accidentally few social science authors call it cancer of
society. In the past, the phenomenon of human trafficking was known with the
definition slavery, which makes us realize that the root of this problem is as old as
the earliest civilizations. (Abdyli, 2016, p. 147) However, over time, nowadays even
Teaching Assistant, PhD Candidate, Department of Criminal Law, Faculty of Law, University of
Pristina, Kosovo, Address: Agim Ramadani Str.p.n., 10000, Pristina, Kosovo, Corresponding author:
AUDJ, vol. 13, no. 2/2017, pp. 19-32

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