Social enterprise compliance with social marketing peculiarity

AuthorCristina Sandu
PositionPhD Student, National School of Political Studies and Public Administration, Faculty of Public Administration, Bucharest, Romania
Social Enterprise Com
A challenging approach f
social enterprise raises the question
. The reason for making t
is needed for bot h managerial and
previous research of defining socia
connecting social enterprise to the s
and comparing the social marketing
: social enterprise; social m
1. Mapping the Specific Definiti
Social enterprise is defined in liter
different characteristics, by the diver
The multiple definitions found in
definition of social enterp
private activity with social purpose b
on the reinvestments of surpluses
responsibility and a certain particip
definition validated though the refe
Network (Sandu, 2012, p. 213).
The current research
(Matei, Sandu, 2013), particularly th
The relevance of social marketing fo
organization, which combines econo
In the last three years, the attention
the private sector is increasingly d
Social enterprise can represent an in
definition given by Phills, Deiglmeie
more effective, efficient and sustain
PhD Student, National School of Political
Address: 6 Povernei St., sector 1
Corresponding author: cristinasandu@snspa
Beneficiary of the „Doctoral Scholarships f
through the European Social Fund, Sectoral
Performance and Risks in the Eu
ompliance with Social Marketing
Cristina Sandu
h for social enterprise is considered the marketing approach. The
whether or not this type of organization can comply with social
g this question is t hat a proper definition of marketing for social e
d marketing functions of the (social
) organizations. Thus, s tartin
cial enterprise, the aim of the paper is to adopt a theoretical po
e social marketing peculiarity.
The research is based on literatur
g definitions, fitting to social enterprise’s profile.
al marketing; compliance
nitions of Social Marketing
terature in
various manners, through different approa
versity of target groups, etc.
in literature determined a research with the aim of
e, namely
social enterprise represents a type o
se based on producing and providing public goods an
ses in this activity; it is characterized by a high l
icipation level of stakeholders
considered by the auth
eference definition at European level of EMES Europ
cused on adopting a specific marketing approach for so
the compliance of social enterprise to social marketing
g for social enterprise derives fro
m the characteristics
nomic activity with satisfying social needs.
n of the public sector agencies, nongovernmental orga
rawn to the potential of social marketing (Serrat, 2010
n innovation for the social marketing, through the soc
eier, and Miller in 2008
A novel solution to a social
tainable than existing solutions and for which the
al Studies and Public Administration, Faculty of
Public Administ
r 1, 010643 Bucharest, Romania
. Tel: +402 131 808 94, f
ax: +
s for a Sustainable Society” project , project co
financed by the
Operational Programme Human Resources and Development 20
opean Economy
he profile of
ial marketing
l enterprises
rting from a
position for
ture analys
roaches, through
of “mediating” a
e of business or
and services and
h level of soci
uthor as a result
ropean Research
social enterprise
ting peculiarity.
cs of this type of
rganizations, and
10, p. 1).
social innovation
problem that is
he value created
istration, Bucharest,
: + 402 131 465 07
European Union
t 2007

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