Efficient Organizational Communication - A Key to Success

AuthorRamona Todericiu - Lucia Faticiu
PositionAssociate Professor, PhD, 'Lucian Blaga' University of Sibiu, Faculty of Economic Sciences, Romania - PhD, 'Lucian Blaga' University of Sibiu, Faculty of Economic Sciences, Romania
European Integration -
Realities a
Efficient Organizat
Abstract: The paper aims at
of communication is present in all
facilitate the practice of the function
Moreover, only its effectiveness can
the objectives. Communication can
efficiency has a great influence on th
constant change at an unprecede
organizational success.
managerial communicati
JEL Classification: D83
1. Introduction
Communication is the most importan
regardless of means or channe
l. Und
any relationship, and the communica
that a successful communication is th
Communication is everywhere, and t
activities, individual or collective,
Communication is part of action and
We live nowadays in an era of infor
(1995), “is born from the clash
same time, meet the expectations of
e Professor, PhD, “Lucian Blaga
vii Avenue, Sibiu, Romania, Tel.
: +4
PhD, “ Lucian Blaga
” University of Sibi
Avenue, Sibiu, Romania, Tel.
: +4074590969
es and Perspectives
izational Communication
a Key to Succe
mona Todericiu
, Lucia Fraticiu
organizational communication, since it is well known that th
all the activities of the c ompanies. Only an efficient c ommunic
tions of
forecasting, organization, coordination, empowerment an
an ensure the participation of the members of the organization to
can be seen as the binding agent of the organizati
on, and its
the performance of a c ompany as a whole. In a global market tha
dented speed, the process of communication is considered
cation; organizational culture; information; change; technology
rtant component of our lives, because we are forced to
ndoubtedly, in the contemporary world, communicatio
ication processes are of vital importance. We are all aw
s the basis for the personal or professional succes
d the field of communication has become extremely v
e, revolve around information that is sent, received
nd reflection, just as
currency is part of the economy (
formation and communication, an era which, as Alvin
h of new values and techniques, new lifestyles a
ze or object of activity, have to listen to their interlocu
of a public characterized by diversity and exigency.
” University of Sibiu, Faculty of Economic Sci ences, Roma
: +4072333087, Corresponding author:
ibiu, Faculty of Economic Sciences, Romania, Address: Addres
9690, lucylucyda2005@yahoo.com
t the process
nication can
and control.
to achieving
ts degree of
that is under
ed vital for
to communicate,
tion is present in
aware nowadays
vast. All human
ved or analyzed.
y (
Zemor, 2003).
in Toffler shows
s and means of
cutors and, at the
mania, Address:
17 Dumbr

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