Digital Media - a university specialization imposed by the new communicational realities

AuthorClaudia Chiorean Talasman
European Integration - Realities and Perspectives. Proceedings 2016
Digital Media a University Specialization Imposed by the New
Communicational Realities
Claudia Chiorean1
Abstract: In 2015 the Department of Journalism / FSPAC / Babes Bolyai proposed the introducing of the
Digital Media specialization in the Classification of Occupations in Romania (COR), in total agreement with
the European Qualifications Framework. The specialization was nationally certified in line with the
provisions of the European university education. The Digital Media specialist qualification was imposed as
academic preparation necessary to correlate with the actual communicative environment.
Keywords: digital media; university specialization; new communicational realities
1. Introduction
In 2015, Babes-Bolyai University, through the Department of Journalism FSPAC, proposed
introducing a specialization in Digital Media in the National Framework of Qualifications in the
Romanian Higher Education in total agreement with the European Qualifications Framework. The
specialization has been certified nationally in agreement with the European provisions in the field of
higher education. The qualification of Digital Media specialist was imposed as a necessity in order to
correlate academic background with the current specifics of communicational environment in the labor
market. Developing Bachelor performance would generate a real contribution to the local, regional
and national development from a social, economic, cultural, and political point of view, by involving
in reality, according to community needs. Compatibilization with European programs aimed at
aligning to the latest directions at a European and global level this being the first program of this
kind in Romania. The number of new programs in this communicational sphere has increased in recent
years (Link University, Rome, Leuphana / Hamburg University, Luneburg, Cardinal Herrera
University, Valencia, University of Stirling, Scotland, Dublin Business School), due to the growing
demand for specialists in communication and media production adapted to the digital / Web
2. Labor Market Needs
The conclusions of the DESI reports (Digital Society and Economy Index)2 and “Cloud computing for
business yet to go mainstream in the EU” published by the European Commission, respectively
EUROSTAT in 2016, show that Romania occupies the last position in the ranking of European Union
1 PhD, Journalism Department, FSPAC, Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, Address: 71 Traian Mosoiu Str.,
Cluj-Napoca, Romania, Tel.: +40264-431.505, Corresponding author:

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